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Among all the continents, Europe remains the most popular travel destination. Every year almost 500 million people travel to Europe, and among the 10 most visited countries in the world, 7 of them are in Europe. With its 50 countries and more than 730 million inhabitants, Europe offers extreme diversity for travellers. From the Mediterranean charms of Southern Europe to the Alpine peaks, castles and rivers of Central Europe to the more reserved charm of Northern Europe and the newly resurgent destinations of Eastern Europe, this continent offers endless choices for travellers in terms of cultures, landscapes, architecture, history, art, festivals and culinary experiences.

But sometimes the choices can be a bit overwhelming and we have created this page to help you specifically with European travel. Many people only have a limited time for travel and they are looking for ways of seeing a lot of different destinations in a short time. Other people have more time and want to explore smaller regions at a more leisurely pace. Some travellers are seeking adrenaline-packed adventures while others are more interested in a slower-paced or culture-filled holiday. We aim to bring you ideas for all kinds of travel experiences in Europe.

Europe offers virtually limitless travel possibilities

Europe offers virtually limitless travel possibilities

European Travel Made Easy

Our European travel section will provide you with lots of helpful European travel advice for independent travel as well as ideas for trips that relieve you of the burden of organizing everything yourself. Given the diversity of the continent, one of the most popular ways of exploring Europe is through organized tours, and a wide variety of European tour packages exists for people of ages and interests. You can explore Europe through conventional sightseeing tours, hiking tours, walking tours, adventure tours, cultural immersion tours and many other themed trips , in large groups or smaller groups. There are European package tours out there for all kinds of tastes, age groups and budgets.

Another amazing way to discover Europe is on a river cruise. Europe is criss-crossed by many navigable rivers that are dotted with historic cities, charming villages and fertile wine-growing regions. Some of the most well-travelled rivers in Europe include the Danube, the Rhine, the Main and the Rhone, but there are other rivers like the Moselle, the Elbe, the Seine or the Douro that will allow you to explore fascinating European regions from the luxurious comfort of a river boat.

Europe is surrounded on three sides by water, and European ocean cruises are also a trendy way to discover what Europe has to offer. Extremely popular are the Mediterranean cruises that could either focus on Western Mediterranean or Eastern Mediterranean itineraries. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea are also extremely popular ways of exploring the historic coastal regions of Europe. Cruise ships of different sizes are ready to whisk you away to many different ports of call where you get to sample the astounding breadth of European cultures, all from the convenience of your floating home on a cruise ship.

European train travel is another outstanding option for exploring the continent with the most dense railroad network in the world. Train travel is still a popular and efficient way of getting around in Europe. Considering the smaller distances between the countries, taking the train is often more convenient and efficient than taking an airplane. Europe has an outstanding cross-border high-speed rail network that covers more than 10 frequently visited countries, and more high-speed rail capacity is being added all the time. It’s exhilarating to think that a trip from London to Paris now takes just a bit over 2 two hours via the high-speed Eurostar. Europe also offers some iconic rail journeys – from breath-taking vertigo-inducing train trips in the Alps to specialty trains such as the Venice-Simplon Orient Express or the Transsiberian Railway or a myriad of national and cross-country railway passes – Europe by train is a great way of exploring this continent.

For those who would like to explore Europe independently, there are countless options. Accommodation choices include hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, private accommodation, holiday rentals, home exchanges, couch-surfing and many more for all tastes. A wide variety of day tours is available to help you explore various regions with the help of local experts.

With over 450 natural and cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites, Europe is home to almost 50% of these sites in the world. This great continent offers culture, history, architecture, music, cuisine, adventure, sports and much more. We are here to help you unravel the intricacies of European Travel.

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