Hospitality & tourism entrepreneurs:

These interviews feature people who have become active business people in the hospitality and tourism business. Many of them came from other careers and decided to dedicate themselves to a career in the tourism industry. You will read about their background, their challenges, their successes and how they created and grew their business.

In part 1 of this interview, Jason talked about his background, his international travels as well as his restoration of the Sherk’s Hardware Building and the Old Pumphouse, two of Fort Erie’s historic properties that… Read more.

Travel is not just about beautiful landscapes and interesting sights and monuments; it’s also about the people that one meets along the way. Since I started the Niagara Travel Guide I have met many interesting… Read more.

Eastern Ontario, particularly the Ottawa River Valley, is an area I have wanted to explore for quite some time now. Located between Ottawa and Montreal, this region is a bit off the beaten track, at… Read more.

I am always fascinating with stories of how people reorganize their lives and start a completely new second career later in life, particularly when this involves relocating to a new country and starting a new… Read more.

One of my favourite things when I travel is to connect with local experts to get an insider’s view of the destination that I am traveling to. During my recent trip to Miami I did… Read more.

You have probably realized by now that I spend the majority of my spare time in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood. Over the years I have had a chance to check out a number of the different… Read more.

It was time for lunch after my extensive interview at the Balmy Beach Club, and all I had to do was walk up the street and head into the first restaurant that presented itself to… Read more.

After two fascinating interviews, one with Lido Chilelli, the creator of the Toronto Beaches International Jazz Festival, and Bill Libbus, who had given me an insider tour of the historic Fire Station 227 on Queen… Read more.

Sometimes the most interesting encounters happen spontaneously. I had just picked up the Beach Metro Community News and noticed an advertisement for a bed and breakfast in Toronto’s Beach that had a rather unusual name:… Read more.

No neighbourhood portrait about Toronto’s Beach could be complete without one of the key pillars of the community: Since he started at Centre 55 (a local community centre in the Beach) in 1980 Bob Murdoch… Read more.

When you travel to Toronto, this multicultural metropolis, you’ll have a chance to sample delicacies from all over the world, but one of the national cuisines is not well represented: Austrian cuisine. Canada experienced a… Read more.

One restaurant I have wanted to check out for a long time is Spiaggia Trattoria (“spiaggia” is Italian for “beach) at the eastern end of the Queen Street strip. Local Beach expert Glenn Cochrane had… Read more.

My Celebrate Toronto article series is starting with the Beach, one of Toronto’s coolest neighbourhoods. Not only does the Beach offer a resort like feel and sports opportunities akin to Southern California ocean front communities,… Read more.

As a European immigrant, historical districts always hold a great fascination to me. Over the last few years, Toronto has been enriched by the revitalization of an entire district: the Distillery District, a complex of… Read more.

One of the reasons I chose to travel to Cuernavaca this past April was that it is one of the world’s centers for Spanish teaching. Cuernavaca has in excess of 40 language schools and attracts… Read more.

My stay in Cuernavaca this past April was filled with many experiences: travel experiences; historic, cultural and culinary explorations; new friendships and , most notably, learning experiences. During my second week I spent several days… Read more.

I met Rubén Cortés a couple of weeks ago during my stay in Cuernavaca when he filled me in on a variety cultural and adventure sports tours that his company provides in the Mexican state… Read more.

For me a city becomes vibrant and exciting when its institutions and facilities become accessible to a diverse audience that cuts across ethnic groups and social classes. Things get even more interesting when foreign travelers… Read more.

My interview at the Beach Hebrew Institute and being around the Wednesday lunch drop-in program had made me hungry, so I decided to continue my discovery of culinary places in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood along Queen… Read more.

Every once in a while you meet a personality that totally defies standard categorization, an individual who strikes you with their uniqueness and leaves an impression. Well, that’s what happened to me this past week…. Read more.

In my search for interesting people I recently decided that I needed to focus on finding more women that have done interesting and unusual things. So off I went and searched on the Internet and… Read more.

I connected with Mel and Marie just recently, from one webmaster to another, through working on our mutual websites. I found out that the couple had just recently moved to Spain from Britain and set… Read more.

Some time ago I noticed these odd shaped colourful bus-type vehicles in the streets of Toronto, and I was wondering what they were. I caught a second glimpse and I saw “Toronto Hippo Tours”, and… Read more.