Organizations helping and benefitting others

In today’s world we are often bombarded by negative news or trivial messages. These interviews concentrate on organizations that make positive contributions in the community. They might be educational organizations, museums, community groups or non-profit organizations dedicated to wide variety of causes.

As always, Gene Domagala is the perfect person to make connections. With the date for my photo exhibition rapidly approaching and the need to finalize my articles and get the photos ready, I had not… Read more.

It’s ironic, just as I decided to do my first neighbourhood portrait of Toronto, the Beach, my intended subject, was in the news a lot. For the entire month of January of 2007 newspapers, television… Read more.

During a recent historic walk with Gene Domagala he took me into the local Scotia Bank office near Victoria Park Avenue and Kingston to show me some historical photos of this neighbourhood. While there he… Read more.

The article series about the Beach contains an entire kaleidoscope of personalities and organizations that make up this great community. The following interview with Neil Macdonald, Chair of the Beach Business Improvement Area, is intended… Read more.

Right in the heart of the Beach, just a few steps from the intersection of Queen Street and Lee Avenue is the Beaches Library, a stunning building designed by architect Eden Smith in the 17th… Read more.

For many decades now the Beaches Lions Club has been an integral part of the Beach Community and the driving force behind one of the flagship events: The famous Beach Easter Parade is an important… Read more.

One of the areas I really set out to focus on in my Beach neighbourhood portrait was the local spirit of charity and community assistance. One of the organizations that I interviewed, the Pegasus Community… Read more.

No neighbourhood portrait of Toronto’s Beach community could ever be complete without one of the true institutions in the area: the Balmy Beach Club, a private social and athletics club founded in 1905, has been… Read more.

Having just completed my interview with Lido Chilelli, the creator of the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival, I was planning to head east on Queen Street to find a nice place for lunch. As I… Read more.

One of the central organizations in the Beach is Beach Metro Community News, a non-profit, non-partisan community newspaper founded in 1972 that is distributed throughout major portions of East Toronto. The newspaper is available throughout… Read more.

I am a big proponent of Greeter Programs, i.e. programs that involve local volunteers who are coordinated by the city, then matched up with tourist who are looking for a personal tour of the city…. Read more.

As a person who has been privileged to have travelled to many beautiful places across the world and to have made life-long memories, I often think of people in some of these distant places who… Read more.

Along the continuum of cross-cultural experiences, becoming an immigrant and deciding to live full-time in another culture provides the most intense cross-cultural experience. Issues commonly faced by immigrants are the acquisition of language skills, accreditation… Read more.

Heaven knows that in these times full of cultural misunderstandings and conflict, we need people and organizations that build bridges between people of different cultures and backgrounds. One of these organizations is a Virginia-based NGO… Read more.

My recent trip to Ottawa last weekend gave me a chance to explore Canada’s capital first-hand. One place I did not have time to visit this time was Canada’s largest and most visited museum: the… Read more.

Learning and exploring is one of the big mottos of this website and learning vacations are one of the best ways of expanding one’s mind. A very well-known organization dedicated to helping people broaden their… Read more.

Sometimes you come across individuals or organizations who quietly do phenomenal work in the community right here under our noses, without any big fanfare. Through my work with G.A.P Adventures, the feature sponsor of our… Read more.

Canada’s capital has many sights to see and the National Gallery of Canada is one of its treasures. I will have the opportunity to visit Ottawa myself this coming weekend and in anticipation of this… Read more.

One of the subjects I am going to research in the near future is combining travel with volunteer opportunities all over the world. Volunteering is a great way of exploring different cultures while making a… Read more.

I am fascinated by human stories and by intercultural connections. The immigrant experience combines both these elements. On the continuum of intercultural experiences from tourist to traveller to long-term visitor / expatriate to becoming a… Read more.

How to become a concerned traveler, not just a tourist.. Servas travelers are warmly welcomed in more than 15,000 homes throughout the world. You know by now that one of my underlying goals for this… Read more.