Austria 2007

During my annual trip back to my birth country of Austria, I got to go on some great excursions with my family and friends. In 2007 we started off with a hike through the Western Styrian vineyards, a region sometimes referred to as the “Tuscany of Austria”, went on a hike through the Raab Gorge – a protected nature area, explored the largest high-altitude cattle grazing area in Europe (the Teichalm – Sommeralm) and did an excursion to the Riegersburg fortress, one of Austria’s largest and most fascinating medieval castles. We also went hiking on the Schöckel mountain from where we had a gorgeous 360 degree view.

My brother and sister-in-law took me to a classical concert in my home town of Weiz, where I also checked out various sites including the Renaissance castle of Thannhausen. And we did an out-of-town excursion as well that took us to the Mangart mountain in Slovenia and to Monte Lussari and Tarvisio in northern Italy. It’s always wonderful to travel back home, and every trip back to Europe is another opportunity to discover new places.

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