Bayfield 2011

In my quest to savour every last moment of fall, my travel partner and I embarked on a 3-day getaway to Ontario’s West Coast, starting with the town of Bayfield, on October 9, 2011.

One of Bayfield’s signature properties is the Little Inn, a historic inn that was built in the 1850s, although an earlier stagecoach stop had existed in the same location since the early 1830s. On October… Read more.

This sunny Thanksgiving Monday, October 10, 2011, started with gorgeous sunshine again, a perfect beginning to an action-packed day in the picturesque village of Bayfield. After a healthy fruit salad, some home-made scones and our… Read more.

After a good lunch at the Black Dog Village Pub and Bistro on October 10, 2011, we were now ready to embark on our afternoon cycling adventure and headed back across the street to Outside… Read more.

Our last day, October 11, 2011, on Ontario’s West Coast had begun. It started with a nice home-made breakfast at our bed and breakfast, Clair on the Square, where a colourful fruit salad, freshly baked… Read more.

The second last stop on our discoveries of Ontario’s West Coast on October 11, 2011 was Goderich, with about 8000 people the largest town in the area. Goderich has long had the nickname “Canada’s prettiest… Read more.