Buenos Aires 2011

In November of 2011 I fulfilled one of my dreams and travelled to one of my long coveted destinations: Buenos Aires, Argentina! I stayed in a private apartment with a young woman and her daughter, which made for a great, safe home-base to explore the city from. The highlight of my trip were three separate bicycle tours that introduced me to some of the city’s most interesting sites, including well-known places such as the Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo and the harbour area, as well as more hidden places such as Chinatown and different parts of Palermo and Belgrano.

Several side trips allowed me to get to know the surroundings of Buenos Aires, such as a train trip to Tigre, a picturesque city in the Parana River Delta, and a bus trip to San Antonio de Areco, a traditional Gaucho town about 2 hours from the capital. Last but not least I spent 3 days in the neighbouring country of Uruguay and explored its capital, Montevideo, as well as the attractive historic riverfront town of Colonia del Sacramento.

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