Mexico 2006

Mexico is a fascinating country and one of the most popular travel destinations for Canadians. But instead of visiting one of the coastal resorts I decided to get to know Mexico’s colonial heartland better. In March of 2006 I set off on a 16-day trip that started with a three-day visit of Mexico City, the country’s huge and pulsating capital. During these few days I got a good overview of Mexico City and saw some of the key sights: the Torre Latinoamericana, the enormous cathedral, the Zocalo – the city’s gigantic main square, the Paseo de la Reforma, the Bosque de Chapultepec and the neighbourhoods of San Angel and Coyoacan.

Then I went south to the city of Cuernavaca, a beautiful colonial city with the perfect year-round climate. There I studied Spanish at two different language schools and stayed at two local bed and breakfasts that are owned by lovely local women with whom I established a nice friendship. I explored the city, went on an ecological hike in its canyons, explored the Robert Brady Museum and the Jardin Borda and went on various excursions such as the Riverfront resort of Las Estacas and scenic Lake Tequesquitengo.

Three out-of-town excursions took me to Tepoztlan, a mythical and enchanting village, and the historic silver town of Taxco where I went twice to see the famous Semana Santa proceedings. During my first Taxco excursion I witnessed the famous Palm Sunday Procession while the week after I was blown away by the eerie and somber Good Friday processions which involve hundreds of hooded men and women, and rituals such as self-flagellation and the carrying of heavy thorny bundles of blackberry twigs. Along the way I met many locals and expatriates and learned so much about Mexican history and culture.

I had been to Mexico twice before, once many years ago in Manzanillo, and more recently in 2003 in Puerto Vallarta. Essentially both of these vacations were typical tourist experiences and ever since I got… Read more.

After a few very hectic days before my departure I got up at 4:30 am yesterday and my husband drove me to the airport. Since my flight was with Delta Airlines and had a stopover… Read more.

This Friday morning the chirping tropical birds in the courtyard outside the building woke me up early. Vanessa had fixed a real Mexican breakfast: fruit – melon and papaya, with yogurt and sweat bread. Appropriately… Read more.

After our visit to the huge government-owned pawnshop, Nacional Monte de Piedad, we saw a side view of Mexico City’s and Latin America’s biggest cathedral: the Catedral Metropolitana. It is also at the heart of… Read more.

Last night after our big first discovery of Mexico City I had a couple of hours of rest before Vanessa and her mom took me to one of the most picturesque areas in the city:… Read more.

This morning another wonderful Mexican breakfast was in store: Vanessa had made “tlacoyos con nopales“ (fried dough covered with fruits of the prickly pear cactus and melted cheese on top) which I really enjoyed. Around… Read more.

This morning, on our last day in Mexico City, we had one more relaxing breakfast with “hot cakes” (the Mexican version of pancakes) and around noon Vanessa had to leave for the airport to go… Read more.

After my arrival in Cuernavaca and the lovely dinner at Vanessa’s aunt’s place the whole family took me to my temporary home for the next couple of days: Villa San Marcos is a bed and… Read more.

spend my mornings in Cuernavaca studying Spanish and I arranged to have the afternoons free to explore the city. At the Ideal language school today I had chance to talk with the founder, Hermilo Brito,… Read more.

As a gesture of appreciation for Marta Elena’s outstanding hospitality, I decided to get her some flowers since I know that she absolutely loves gardening. Around the Palacio de Cortés I started asking around where… Read more.

After a beautiful breakfast in the garden at Roxana’s place with Helga, the young lab with shiniest black coat, dancing all around me, I went to my private tutoring session at the Ideal Language School… Read more.

Today was my last day at the Ideal Language School. My teacher Estela and I had a very interesting conversation about Mexican culture, the church, and relationships between men and women. It appears Mexico is… Read more.

I am currently staying at, “La Nuestra“, a comfortable bed and breakfast with 4 guest rooms, a private swimming pool and an outdoor breakfast area complete with microwave and fridge, which has a rather interesting… Read more.

This morning I got up early and had a nice breakfast in the inner courtyard of La Nuestra. Shortly before 9 am Andie and I left for her monthly meeting of the Newcomers Club, a… Read more.

After my visit of the Newcomers Club I took a taxi to the Museo de la Ciuadad which is located directly about the Tourist Office of the City of Cuernavaca. There I connected with some… Read more.

My friends Alberto and Elisabeth picked me up early Saturday morning and dropped me off at the Estrella de Oro bus station at 8:45. We chatted for another little bit until the bus left at… Read more.

This morning I woke up early, way before 6 am. I lay awake looking at the blinking lights of Taxco right outside the window of my beautiful accommodation at the Posada de la Misión. I… Read more.

A new week began yesterday, after my wonderful weekend in Taxco, and after a quick breakfast I took a taxi to my school which is located in the El Túnel neighbourhood. The school is called… Read more.

I have a habit of cramming a few too many things into my schedule, and I think yesterday was such a day. I started my day with a nice breakfast and then took a taxi… Read more.

At roughly 10 in the morning I walked through beautiful residential streets in the north end of Cuernavaca to the so-called Glorieta de Zapata, a traffic circle featuring a statue of one of Mexico’s freedom… Read more.

This morning I headed off on the Ruta no. 2 to the Túnel area of town and started my last day at the Cetlalic Language School. We had a very interesting day, during the first… Read more.

My last couple of days in Mexico were approaching fast and furiously. I packed my overnight bag early this morning and took the 9:15 am bus to Taxco again. I had already been here last… Read more.

Yesterday I had spent my day in Taxco for the famous happenings of Semana Santa. I watched two religious processions: at noon time there was the Las Tres Caídas procession and at 5 pm I… Read more.