New York 2005

New York City always makes for a thrilling getaway. In May of 2005 we departed for a five-day getaway to the Big Apple. Comfortably accommodated in a B&B in Brooklyn we had a convenient home base for exploring the city. Our first explorations included mid-town Manhattan where we focused on Times Square, the Chrysler Building and Central Park. We continued the next day with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then made our way past the Woolworth Building to Ground Zero. The Staten Island Ferry took us close by the Statue of Liberty and we spent some time walking around Staten Island.

One of the highlights of our trip was a guided tour through Queens, with local Big Apple Greeter Suzanne. As a local resident, she told us everything about this multi-cultural neighbourhood that is home to people with origins in China, Korea, Mexico, Greece and many more. We capped off this lovely tour with a lunch in a Greek restaurant. Coney Island was also on our menu and we admired the huge width of the boardwalk before our walk took us through Brighton Beach, nicknamed “Little Odessa”, which is home to many recent Russian immigrants. After a subway ride we enjoyed a walk through Harlem which seemed quite safe and pleasant. In the evening we took in the pulsating atmosphere of Broadway. On our final day we decided to explore Brooklyn and headed to Prospect Park, another masterpiece by famous landscape designer Frederick Law Olmstead.

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