Poland 2012

Krakow, Poland, has been a dream destination of mine for a long time. There is a mysterious charm to some places in Eastern Europe and after having visited Prague and Budapest in recent years, I needed to expand my horizons and visit Poland as well.

On a gorgeous May 6, 2012, my Krakow travel explorations by bicycle continued. Following our visit to the Royal Castle, my knowledgeable bicycle guide Monica and I continued our ride through Krakow’s Old Town.

In the afternoon of May 6, 2012, my Krakow travel adventures continued. After seeing some of the main sights, local bicycle guide Monica took me outside the city centre, past the huge Błonia meadow to the Kosciuszko Mound.

The Krakow Ghetto was created by the Nazis in March of 1941 and all Jewish inhabitants of the city were forced to relocate into the ghetto. 15,000 people were crowded together in a part of town that originally had only 3,000 residents.

The second stop on our walking tour of Krakow, Poland, was the Schindler Factory, the actual factory owned by Oscar Schindler who saved over 1,200 Jewish lives in his enamelware and ammunition factory during WWII.

After our May 7, 2012 visit to the Oscar Schindler Factory, my expert guide Monica and I crossed the Vistula River and walked into Kazimierz, the historic Jewish Quarter of Krakow, Poland, since the rule… Read more.

May 8, 2012 was a tough day: my program in the morning and early afternoon was a visit to Auschwitz, the most notorious and brutal death camp ever implemented by the Nazis. According to presently… Read more.

Fortunately, after my visit to Auschwitz, the second half of the afternoon of May 8, 2012 was focused on a much more pleasant destination: the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. Located within the Krakow metropolitan area,… Read more.

My time in Krakow was quickly coming to an end, but before my afternoon train to Warsaw I still wanted to get to know some of Krakow’s more recent history. So on the morning of… Read more.

After four exciting and densely packed days in Krakow, I had arrived at the luxurious 5-star Hyatt Regency Hotel in Warsaw, which has a great location next to Lazienki Park overlooking the Vistula River. After… Read more.