Rochester 2005

Rochester lies across Lake Ontario from Toronto and in 2005 I decided to try out the ferry service (that has since been discontinued) to get across to New York State and explore the city of Rochester. The high-speed ferry experience itself was unique, and it’s a shame that this state-of-the-art vessel is not running any more. Once arrived in the city, I explored various places of interest, including the Cobbs Hill Reservoir, the Eastman House (Rochester has a huge connection to Kodak), Artwalk – a great walking area with various sculptures and public art, and I took in the Browns Race and High Falls area. The Kodak headquarters are an amazing architectural monument to the importance of this company through the 20th century. Abolitionist Frederick Douglass and activist Susan B. Anthony are memorialized as sculptures in the city. I also had a chance to see the Erie Canal in scenic Pittsford and admired the Erie Canal Aqueduct over the Genessee River in downtown Rochester. The Times Square Building, an Art Deco masterpiece, ended up being my favourite building in Rochester.

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