Sicily 2007

Italy has long been one of my favourite travel destinations. The landscapes, the architecture, the history, the food – it’s just an incredibly diverse and beautiful country. After several trips over the years to the north of Italy, I decided to explore the very south of the country and learn the language at the same time! Sicily had always had a very mysterious ring to it, so in 2007 I set off on a three-week language learning adventure in Sicily. I started in the gorgeous mountain town of Taormina, with its stunningly preserved ancient amphitheatre and its gorgeous views of Mount Etna. With the local language school I went on several excursions – a hike to Castelmola, a driving tour to Siracusa – a city that was already settled in ancient times, and a hike on the flanks of Mount Etna that had just erupted a couple of days earlier. I even partook of a pottery lesson and a Sicilian cooking lesson with local culinary expert Aurelia Ferrari, and I learned about the Mafia! With one of my co-students I also embarked on a drive around the famous volcano where I got to know the Sicilian mountains with their gorgeous villages where time seems to have stood still.

Then I relocated to Milazzo on the northern tip of Sicily where I joined another Italian language school. A small group of us headed off on a week-long sailing trip around the Eolian Islands where we were going to study Italian (on the boat or in a restaurant patio, no less!), and we had a chance to do explore these gorgeous islands at the same time. We explored five of the seven Eolian islands: Lipari, Salina, Stromboli, Panarea and Vulcano where we hiked up to the crater of this active volcano. And on our way back we even saw a group of dolphins that playfully escorted our sailboat!

Back on the main island of Sicily I also went on an excursion to the Nebrodi Mountains, checked out the gorgeous medieval town of Cefalu and explored Catania. Sicily is a gorgeous place, and I definitely want to return there. Maybe next time it’s going to be Palermo and the western side of the island…

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