Slovenia 2009

From my European home base of Austria, Slovenia is just a hop, skip and a jump across a border that doesn’t even require a passport any more. My brother and I went on a nice day trip to the city of Ptuj in Slovenia, a city that has been inhabited since Roman times. It was an important regional capital in Slovenia and has a gorgeous castle that overlooks the city and the slow-flowing Drava River. We also visited the city’s lively fruit and vegetable market and enjoyed some time in the inviting street cafes that dot the historic downtown and give it a pleasant almost Mediterranean atmosphere. Then we drove back to Austria through the rolling hills past the Slovenian city of Maribor.

After my upper Styrian driving tour the day before, my brother and I headed out on another driving tour, this time going south to Lower Styria, a region located in today’s Slovenia. Being located in… Read more.