Bangkok Travel: Royal Palace, Temples, Shopping, Festivals and Culture

–          The canals of Bangkok, known as “khlongs”,  are one of the city’s major attractions. Although many of them have been filled in and turned into streets, a number of them still exist and can be explored in one of the many tours and dinner cruises are offer.

Fountain in the Jim Thompson House
Fountain in the Jim Thompson House (image by {a href=”” target=”_blank”}gailchen{/a})

–          Culture in Bangkok: Thailand’s capital has many different cultural attractions and institutions, including Traditional Thai Puppet Theatre. The Patravedi Theatre is known for its elaborate productions of Thai classical and modern dances.  The National Museum is South East Asia’s largest museum and holds thousands of artefacts from Thailand’s long history, stretching all the way back to Neolithic times while the National Gallery of Thailand introduces the visitor to historic and contemporary Thai art. The Jim Thompson House is a collection of wooden houses in the old Thai style. Jim Thompson, an American, revived the Thai silk industry after the end of WWII and then vanished without a trace among mysterious circumstances. Today, this complex is a museum showcasing Thompson’s exquisite collection of Asian art.

Thai Puppet Theatre
Thai Puppet Theatre (image by {a href=”” target=”_blank”}teachingsaggitarian{/a})

–          Festivals in Bangkok: from the Chinese New Year Festival to the Bangkok Songkran Festival, celebrating the Thai New Year, to the Visakha Buddha Bucha Festival, held on the highest Buddhist holiday and commemorating Buddha’s life, Bangkok has a myriad of colourful festivals that enchant locals and visitors alike. The Loi Krathong and Candle Festival is held on the night of the full moon every November. The locals make small floats with a flower, a candle and incense sticks that are lit before they are placed in the water, creating a beautiful image on the rivers and canals.

Loi Krathong Festival
Loi Krathong Festival (image by {a href=”” target=”_blank”}hcchoo{/a})

Bangkok is a huge diverse and cosmopolitan city. Its colourful Southeast Asian culture, its religious temples, a wonderful cuisine, extensive shopping and entertainment opportunities make it one of Asia’s most compelling cities.


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