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Cape Town Travel: Table Mountain, Robben Island, the Victoria and Alfr ...

The second largest city in South Africa, Cape Town is one of the world’s most iconic cities and the most popular destination in all of Africa. Nicknamed the “Mother City” or the “Tavern of the Seas”, the city’s population is abo ... Read more

Presenting: Colleen O'Brien - The Grand Prize Winner of Our First Inte ...

Our recently concluded Travel Story Contest was a resounding success. We received over 300 stories from people all over the world about their experiences in the most diverse destinations. My team and I spent hundreds of hours reviewing all ... Read more

Rights of Travelers with Disabilities

This is the second in a series that will review the Rolling Rains Travel & Disability Links collection at Suite 101.This piece examines the category of links here in the Travel & Disability section,"Rights of Travelers with Disabili ... Read more

Presenting: Pablo Buitron from Fundacion Comunidad - Helping Women Hel ...

During my stay in Cuernavaca I had the opportunity to meet several people from different community organizations that are involved in helping local disadvantaged people. Pablo Buitron is the General Coordinator of Fundacion Comunidad, an o ... Read more

Buenos Aires Travel: Arrival in Palermo and a Visit to the Plaza de Mayo

For many years I had been dreaming about embarking on a Buenos Aires travel adventure. There is just something almost magical about the name “Buenos Aires”; the “City of the Fair Winds” has captured travellers’ imagination for man ... Read more

Cape Verde Travel: An Exotic Holiday off the Coast of Africa

Travellers have discovered Cape Verde as one of those picture perfect destinations that we all dream about while planning our next holiday. You can expect good weather during your Cape Verde travel all year and it has gorgeous sun soaked be ... Read more

San Jose, Costa Rica: A Guided Walking Tour

After an enjoyable guided tour of the opulent Teatro Nacional, I was ready to explore more of San Jose, Costa Rica. Theatre tour guide Jeff Mezas is also a city tour guide and gives walking tours of the Costa Rican capital. I joined him for ... Read more

Travel Ecuador: Quito, Cuenca, the Baños de Santa Agua and the Galapa ...

Ecuador’s most privileged call to fame is perhaps the Galapagos Islands where English naturalist Charles Darwin arrived in 1835, filling with him sights and experiences that inspired him to create his controversial Theory of Evolution. Be ... Read more

New York Travel: Ithaca and the Finger Lakes

As big tennis fans, we went on our annual trip to New York City to watch the US Open and on August 25, 2012 we stopped over in the city of Ithaca in the Finger Lakes, a town most famous as the home of Cornell University. Our favourite route ... Read more

Port Royal, a French Habitation from 1605

Following my introduction to the quaint and historic town of Annapolis Royal I drove about 10 kilometers out of town across the causeway on the north shore of the Annapolis River and arrived in one of the most historic locations in north-ea ... Read more

New Orleans Travel Guide: Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans, the largest city of Louisiana, is one of the most well-known travel destinations in the world. Nicknamed “the Big Easy”, New Orleans is renowned for its laid back atmosphere, its unique culture, its jazz music connection, i ... Read more

Presenting: Lainie Liberti - from California Digital Media Executive t ...

One of the gifts of working on this website is that it connects me to some very exceptional and often inspiring people.In this interview,meet Lainie Liberti,a successful former California new media entrepreneur,who quit her middle-class lif ... Read more

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