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Exploring Downtown Barrie and Making a German-Trinidadian-Austrian Con ...

As much as I love the city (Toronto, that is), every once in a while I gotta get away and a few weeks ago I came up with the idea of a little winter weekend getaway with my sister-in-law Yolande and my nephew Jazz. So I started surfing arou ... Read more

Life is a Journey - Explore New Horizons

More than five years ago I started what has become the project of my life - a travel website. Why - you might ask? Well, I got sick of my desk job. Running a small business for more than a decade and half, getting stuck with spreadsheets, i ... Read more

Scenic Belfountain & a Pond-side Dinner at the Millcroft Inn

After visiting the Millcroft Inn and the Alton Mill, two of the premier tourist destination in the Hills of Headwaters travel area, I also wanted to explore some of the lovely nature areas that this region is known for. Through rolling hill ... Read more

Driving along the Lighthouse Trail from Lunenburg via Mahone Bay to Pe ...

My brief introduction to Lunenburg was just enough to whet my appetite and to give me some ideas of what to see next time I have a chance to visit this part of Nova Scotia. After saying goodbye to the innkeepers at the Lunenburg Inn I went ... Read more

Havana Travel - A Country Excursion

Hotel Havana Libre, Sunday, April 10, 2005, 12:45 pm After my walk through the Vedado neighbourhood, my friend Pedro came to pick me up since I had suggested a little excursion with a rental car to get to know the countryside. His wife and ... Read more

Montreal Travel: A Great Mid-Summer Getaway

Montreal  is always an amazing getaway destination from Toronto – in a bit more than 5 hours you can reach a vibrant destination that distinguishes itself with a special European flair. The city is equally close to the eastern seaboard a ... Read more

(12) - Contrasts and Contradictions

Etecsa Telecommunications Building, Downtown Havana, Thursday, April 13, 2005, 3:32 pm I really gotta hurry, I only have about 28 minutes left on my Internet card so I am going to try to be brief here. The last few days have been extremel ... Read more

La Maison de L’Ile in Hawkesbury and the Old Jail of L’Orignal

My last day in Champlain Township in Eastern Ontario began with a relaxing breakfast at the Abadin Bed and Breakfast. Hosts Shirley and Ed were welcoming their guests with fresh fruit, a freshly made berry smoothie and a nice conversation. ... Read more

Puerto Vallarta - More Than a Beach Paradise

Our regular readers know that Mexico is one of my favourite travel destinations and I have reported from Mexico frequently over the last 10 years. It is such a fascinating country, full of interesting history, beautiful architecture, gorgeo ... Read more

Art Nouveau Splendour at Prague's Municipal House & a River Tour

After an introduction to kosher food and after sampling some Krupnik and Gefilte Fish, I thanked Michal Günsberger for his culinary education and for his hospitality at the King Solomon Restaurant. Richard, my tour guide, who had already t ... Read more

New York City Travel: A Hasidic Tour of Brooklyn and a Visit to Centra ...

On Sunday, October 17, 2010 we were in store for another exciting learning experience in New York City: using our Explorer Pass which gave us access to multiple attractions at one low reasonable price, we had booked a Jewish Tour of Brookly ... Read more

A Map of Vancouver and Things to Do in Vancouver

Located on the North Pacific Ocean, Vancouver enjoys much warmer weather than most other cities in Canada, even during winter. Indeed, the mild weather in Vancouver attracts a lot of tourists and Canadian residents, drawing around 6 million ... Read more

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