Nepal Travel: An Interview with Bhim Barma, Travel Expert on Nepal

Maghe Sakranti

This festival is the main festival in the western lower land. But it is celebrated all over Nepal. It is called that it was the new year long time before and eating old and wearing new is the good thing on this festival. It falls on the months of January. Yams, sweet potatoes, ghee, sweets made from seasom seeds are very popular during this festival.

Chhath Puja

The chhat pooja, dedicated to Chhatti Mai (the Goddess of Power) is a festival held in high esteem, particularly, by the people of Nepal’s Eastern Terai region that borders India’s eastern Bihar province. Now it is celebrated in Kathmandu as well.

Chhath Puja Festival
Chhath Puja Festival

Some other festivals:

Saraswati Puja



Chaitra Dashain

Mother’s Day

Janai Purnima

Krishna janmasthami

Indra’s Festival

Kathmandu today
Kathmandu today

17. Our readers are interested in cultural and art-related travel opportunities in Nepal. Please comment about museums, music, dance and visual arts performances.

The museums in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are very popular and many people visit there each year. There is a cultural dance show in almost all the big hotels. Plus there are many functions at city hall, at the Nepal Academy, the Rastriya Nachghar (national dance house). In Chitawan the Tharu culture dance is one important part of the visit. In addition to that, Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are on the world heritage list. Nepal is a small country that is rich in culture.

18. What about active travel: skiing, golf, bicycling, hiking / trekking, kayaking etc.?

Trekking is the most popular in Nepal and widely known to the world. Rafting, kayaking, hiking, bicycling are other popular choices.  Golfing is not developed so far in all parts of the country. Kathmandu offers some golf facilities and many tourists take advantage of them. In Chitawan a new golf course is under construction so this will hopefully be a major part of activities in the near future. Skiing is not developed yet either, but canyoning, bungee jumping and mountain flights are available and getting more popular quickly.

Traditional Nepalese food
Traditional Nepalese food

19. Our audience is interested in the unique culinary traditions of Nepal. Please tell us about traditional Nepalese foods and beverages. What about the availability of international foods?

Nepal offers some excellent foods. Momos (meat stuffed dumplings), Dal (soup), Bhat (boiled rice), Tarkari (Nepalese style vegetables), Achar (chutney), Alloo Sandheko (boiled potato in Nepalese style marinade), Gundruk (dried mustard leaves served like soup), Masseura (grain and dried beans)   and Curries are local specialities. Besides that we have many foods which you can make choice from menu.

Allo Tama (soup)

It consists of potatoes and sour bamboo shoots

Aloo tama ko suruwa (potato and bamboo shot soup)
Aloo tama ko suruwa (potato and bamboo shot soup)

Continental, Indian and Chinese restaurants are available in most city areas. In Kathmandu there are also Korean, Japanese, Mexican and Thai restaurants. On the trekking routes you will find mixed food so visitors have choices.

20. What is the best time of year to visit Nepal?

We have four seasons in Nepal. Spring and autumn are best. September, October, November, March, April and May are the best months of the year to visit.


Namaste  (good bye)

Pheri Bhetaunla  (see you again)

Thank you very much, Bhim, for participating in this interview, and we send all our best wishes to you in Nepal.

Momo Nepalese special food
Momo Nepalese special food

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