Shanghai China: Shanghai Expo, The Bund, Yu Garden and Beyond

  • Sansui Tang (Three Ears of Corn Hall): The largest of the grand pavilions in the Yu-Garden, has five great halls. It was used by wealthy gentlemen for their political and business activities during the 18th century. The highlights of the Sansui Tang include the finely carved decorations of wheat, fruit and rice which represent the harvest.
  • Yangshan Tang (Hall for Viewing the Grand Rockery): adjacent to the Sansui Tang, on the other side of the pond, you can enter the Yangshan Tang, a two-story tower built in 1866 which is the entrance to the rock garden. From here you will enjoy superb views of the Yu Garden.
Famous Nanjing Road

Famous Nanjing Road (image by {a href=”” target=”_blank”}Jesse Varner{/a})

Things to do in Shanghai:

In addition to some of the main sights mentioned above, there are several recommended activities that you should partake of during your trip to Shanghai: shopping and eating will truly allow you to get to know this eastern metropolis.

Shopping in shanghai: The words “shopping in Shanghai” are automatically associated with Nanjing Road.  Located in Huangpu District, this 3.4 stretch of road is the most famous shopping and entertainment promenade in China and its eastern portion is pedestrianized. You can find all of the famous brand names on this street, such as Nike, Adidas, H&M, Benetton, etc. But in addition to international brand names you can also discover some traditional Chinese stores there. Here are three traditional Chinese stores you should not miss:

  • Lao da fang: A snack market that features an extensive selection of dried fruits, sweets, cured meats and fish. Their moon cake is something you should definitely taste during your trip to Shanghai.
  • Shao Wansheng is a very well-known store that carries traditional grocery products made of meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and rice. Chinese wine is also often added to the recipe which gives the dishes an aromatic fragrance. The famous Drunken Crab and the Spiral Snail are two popular delicacies found at Shao Wansheng.
  • Cai Tong de: This traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy will allow you to discover traditional eastern medicine.

Eating in Shanghai: Shanghai cuisine is known for its variety and can be subdivided into four main categories: northern cuisine (lots of salt and oil), Cantonese cuisine (lighter and impressively decorated), Sichuan-style (hot and spicy), and Shanghai-style (using lots of red soy sauce). One great place to check out culinary delights is Xin Tiandi (New Heaven and Earth, located in jing’an district) where you can explore the diversity of Shanghainese cuisines.
With its mix of the old and the new, Shanghai is a city full of charm and eastern splendor. The extraordinary cityscape and the warmhearted hospitality of the locals will make your travel in Shanghai unforgettable.

Moon cake

Moon cake (image by {a href=”” target=”_blank”}Televiseus{/a})

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Old and new coexist in Shanghai

Old and new coexist in Shanghai (image by {a href=”” target=”_blank”}D.M. Cook{/a})

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