Sicily Travel: Things to Do and See in Sicily

Temple of Selinunte

This temple is located in the city of Selinunte in the southern part of Sicily. This archeological complex contains five ancient Greek temples located on an acropolis and offers breathtaking views over the Sicilian coastline. One of the five temples has been re-built while the other four temples lay in ruins.


Mount Etna

Sicily’s highest mountain is surrounded by numerous scenic towns and villages which makes it a mecca for hikers and mountain climbers. Mount Etna is located near Taormina and is still an active volcano that constantly changes its shape. Road bicyclists can enjoy a circumnavigation of Mount Etna while mountain bikers may try some of the off-road riding opportunities in the area.

Landscapes around Mount Etna

Landscapes around Mount Etna

Nebrodi Mountains

You will be stunned by the beauty and elegance of these undisturbed and quiet mountain areas. The Arabs described the Nebrodi Mountains “an island within the island”. They host a unique and wonderful ecosystem with a wide variety of plants and animals. This mountain area has thick woods, high pastures, numerous lakes and rivers and hosts a nature park called Parco dei Nebrodi.

Madonie Mountains

This mountain chain is located near Palermo and its highest peaks reach almost 2000 metres. The Parco delle Madonie is a natural park with many interesting geological formations and fossils. Sicily’s mountains offer great outdoor recreation opportunities for hikers and bikers.

Views of the Alcantara Gorge and the Nebrodi Mountains

Views of the Alcantara Gorge and the Nebrodi Mountains

Alcantara Gorge

Located in the northeast of Sicily, it is one of the most impressive natural attractions of Sicily and should not be missed. The Alcantara Gorge was created by the eruption of the volcano Monte Moio around 2400 BC. It is over 50 m deep and its canyon is filled with lava. This natural park offers tourists many beautiful sights like waterfalls and interesting volcanic formations.


Zingaro Natural Reserve

The Zingaro Natural Reserve (Riserva dello Zingaro) is a national Park located in the northwest of Sicily. Trekking is the main activity, but its 7 km of untouched coastline also provide great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling.

Beautiful nature areas in Sicily

Beautiful nature areas in Sicily

Sicily is an enthralling island which will leave you breathless. This island has a lot to offer: delightful landscapes, lots of outdoor activities, a multi-faceted culture and ravishing views. You will not be disappointed.



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