Presenting: The Green Eggplant – Healthy, Creative and Plentiful Cuisine in the Beach

One of the unique features of The Green Eggplant is a selection of three different eggplant-based dips that are served with Italian mixed breads. This free appetizer is put on every table at the start of a meal and consists of three different Mediterranean dips:

– the Baba Ganoush , a Middle Eastern delicacy
– the Eggplant salad hails from Greece
– the recipe for the Fried Eggplant Salad comes from Northern Italy.

A tasty and generous main dish

I tasted these delicious dips with the fresh bread, and the portions were so generous that I almost quenched my hunger from the appetizer alone. I asked Serge what to order and he suggested a delicious chicken sandwich on toasted foccaccia bread, with roasted red peppers, spinach and goat cheese, accompanied by a tasty house salad. A delightful selection, and the portion was so big I had to get half the sandwich wrapped in a doggie bag to take home.

Vasanth and Alvic work in the kitchen

While Serge was doing some errands I started my snooping around the restaurant and connected with the experts in the kitchen: Vasanth and Alvic. Vasanth has been in Toronto for six years and arrived here from Sri Lanka. He has a computer science degree from a university in his native country and learned how to cook in Canada. Vasanth has worked in a variety of different well-known restaurants across Toronto and commented that he likes his new home town. He loves cooking and enjoys working hard, and when his customers are happy he is happy. Vasanth is also in charge of ordering the vegetables, the meat and the fish, organizes the fridge and handles the receiving. He likes working with Serge who hired him from his previous company.

Serge helps with the cooking

Alvic Coronel is originally from the Philippines and has spent the last 15 years in Toronto. Before that he worked as a private chef for the Iranian ambassador in Geneva, Switzerland. Alvic enjoys adding creativity to his dishes. Last but not least I also checked in on the person who had looked after my table: Mark Forzon is the Floor Manager at the Green Eggplant. Mark came to Toronto from Lithuania and also used to work with Serge at the Pickle Barrel.

Mark Forzon looks after the guests

It was fun meeting this diverse team at The Green Eggplant, and they sure know how to put together creative, healthy and sizeable meals.

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