Exploring Bermiego, Quiros, San Martin de Teverga & the Cave La Huerta

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Walking through the village of Bermiego, showing an horreo

The gorgeous mountain views from the village of Bermiego

Beginning our tour of the Ethnographic Museum of Quiros, showing the entrance to the coal mine

The special exhibits at the Ethnographic Museum of Quiros

Displays explaining the men’s jobs in the Ethnographic Museum

Showing the rooms in the farm house of the Ethnographic Museum of Quiros

Driving near Quiros, showing the Asturian mountains

Señora Maria shows me what’s cooking

Estefania tells me about the Asturian dishes that we are going to eat

Tito talks about the cave paintings near Cueva Huerta

Getting ready for entering the Cueva Huerta cave – Tito explains the habitat in the cave

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