A Final Walk through Calgary

One of the corridors leading to a +15 walkway contains a collection of historic posters of the Calgary Stampede, dating all the way back to the early 20th century. It was interesting to see graphic design and the visual representation of the Stampede evolve through almost 100 years.

Commemorating the Calgary Stampede

Well, our departure time was getting closer, and we had to leave and take our rental car back and hop onto the plane back to Toronto. But our sneak peak at Calgary and our entire week in Banff had given us a great opportunity to explore Western Canadian history and hospitality. I am sure we’ll be back…..

The Calgary Tower on a grey day

Historic Stephen Avenue

Calgary’s agricultural roots become evident

This Stephen Avenue sculpture is called “The Conversation”

Mor greenery in the tropical oasis of the Devonian Gardens

Orchids in the Devonian Gardens

More historic posters for the Calgary Stampede

Stampede posters


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