Salamanca – A Destination for Spanish Language Learning

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Starting our bicycle ride near the Templo del Debod

Excellent view over Madrid including Casa de Campo, de Royal Palace and La Almudena Cathedral

Cycling up to the Principe Pio railway station

A peek inside the Principe Pio railway station

Looking at the gardens of the Royal Palace

A chat with Jesus at the Otero Bicycle Shop

A peek at the Taverna El Madroño which features beautiful painted tiles

Casa Botin, the oldest restaurant in the world

Showing the upstairs of the oldest restaurant in the world

Cycling along the Cava Baja Street which has one bar after another

Talking about the Mercado San Miguel

Riding to the Plaza Mayor, and Kaspar’s explanations of Madrid’s main square

Riding to the Puerta del Sol, showing Madrid’s symbol

Showing the Kilometre Zero marker on the Puerta del Sol

Showing the Calle del Alcala, the former banking quarter

A chat at the Casa del Abuelo about bicycling on the Camino de Santiago

Showing “cocido”, a famous Spanish stew, at the Restaurant “La Bola”

Cycling along Calle Arenal, the pedestrian area

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