Admiring Ceramic Art and Exploring Guanajuato’s History at La Alhóndiga

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A gorgeous early morning view over the valley from Quinta Las Acacias

The Presa de la Olla Dam

Gorky Gonzalez shows his private artwork collection

Gorky Gonzalez has collected some amazing art pieces over the years

Gorky Gonzalez points out an art piece from 1886

Pottery creation with a Japanese potter’s wheel

Showing the kiln at the workshop of Gorky Gonzalez

Designs explained at Gorky Gonzalez’ pottery workshop

Gorky Gonzalez and his prizes and awards


Entering La Alhóndiga

The courtyard of La Alhóndiga

Mural at La Alhóndiga by José Chavez Morado

La Alhóndiga Museum exhibit about the Chupicuaro tribe- original residents of Guanajuato

The Meso-American room at La Alhóndiga

The colonial era explained at La Alhóndiga

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