Mexico Travel: Guanajuato’s Famous and Eerie Mummy Museum

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The Callejon del Beso

The lovely Plazuela de San Fernando

Lunch at the Tasca de la Paz: the tampiqueña explained

Introduction of the Mummy Museum

The bodies at the Mummy Museum in Guanajuato were naturally mummified

The Mummy Museum of Guanajuato – this is the first mummy ever exhumed

Five baby mummies at the Mummy Museum of Guanajuato

Three mummies who died a sad, violent death

The smallest mummy at the Mummy Museum – the mother died in childbirth

This is one mummy who died in peace

The Salon del Culto a la Muerte at the Mummy Museum

An evening walk in Guanajuato: The Plazuela de San Fernando

Downtown Guanajuato – an evening walk through downtown by the Cathedral

Nightly street life in front of the Teatro Juarez

Following the Estudiantina through the narrow streets of Guanajuato

The crowd loves the Estudiantina

Up-close images of La Estudiantina; one of the musicians is dancing

Mariachi are playing on the main square of Guanajuato

La Estudiantina – the crowd sings along with the musicians

Conversation with Californian traveller during La Estudiantina

Night-time bus ride through the tunnels of Guanajuato

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