Downtown Guanajuato & the Luxurious Quinta Las Acacias Hotel

On the main floor Javier showed me the reception area with its elaborate wood carvings and the more than 100 year old piano that adorns the corner. Various parts of the building feature original stained glass from the late 1800s. Two dining rooms are also located on the main floor which serve breakfast to the hotel guests and serve as a restaurant for lunch and dinner to the public. The Perez family is intimately connected to this building: Javier’s great-grandmother lived here for several years during the early 20th century. Historic family photos from the 1920s adorn some of the walls in the corridors.

Nice flowers adorn the grounds of the Quinta Las Acacias


Javier showed me three standard rooms: The Angel room, La Abuela (“the grandmother”) and La Condesa (“the Countess”) which are all decorated in a Victorian theme. Most of the furniture includes authentic antiques and the rooms feature a deep colour scheme. All the rooms have recently been redecorated and have balconies that face out to the adjoining park.

Victorian-inspired room at Quinta Las Acacias


Up one flight of stairs I got to see three attic rooms, all equipped with a king size bed and located right underneath the metal roof. The rooms also have interesting wooden and metal supports that show the construction of the roof, an interesting architectural detail. All the rooms are equipped with a state-of-the-art bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower stall and attractive wash basins.

Gorgeous bathrooms at the Quinta Las Acacias


At the back of the house are eight suites that offer magnificent views of the mountains. Five of them feature Mexican motifs and three are designed in a classic European style. The Galerena room features crafts from Guanajuato and was a former kitchen. The huge copper hood and the cooking area were preserved and make for a fascinating and unique architectural detail in this room.

The cooper hood and former kitchen of the Galarena room


The Purepecha suite is decorated in a colourful style with handicrafts from Michoacan. Further up the stairs Javier took me out into the garden which has an amazing elevated location with a fabulous view of the surrounding mountains. The grassy garden with its ornamental trees is frequently used as a venue for special events and weddings. At night romantic dinners by candle-light turn the garden into an enchanted place. The westwards view from the garden includes a local church and the hotel’s Jacuzzi whirlpool.

Quinta Las Acacias has beautiful gardens with a nice mountain view


Further up the hill are the recently constructed suites that surround an open space called the “nopalera”. “Nopales” are prickly pear cacti that grow into actual trees. All the suites are equipped with Jacuzzi tubs and are decorated with arts and crafts from different regions in Mexico. The crowning touch in this area is the Master Suite called “La China Poblana”, which features a decorating scheme from Puebla, and the Presidential Suite, a huge suite with a large bedroom, a living room with two individual sofa beds, an interior patio with a fountain and plants as well as a huge balcony. Frida Kahlo has inspired the décor of the Presidential Suite, and images of the famous Mexican painter appear in different parts of the suite.

The luxurious Presidential Suite pays hommage to Frida Kahlo


The sun was starting to set now and it was getting cooler. I thanked Javier for giving me a tour of this unique hotel property. I was pretty exhausted by now, and the cold weather in the last couple of days had given me the sniffles. I did not really feel like going out again, so I decided to turn in early and enjoy the luxurious comfort of my suite. I was staying in “El Charro”, a spacious suite with arts and crafts from Jalisco. “Charros”, incidentally, are Mexican horsemen or cowboys.

After taking a long jaccuzi bath to warm up I snuggled into my huge king size bed, watched a bit of satellite television and did some research over the wireless Internet connection. I was in the perfect place for a relaxing evening.

Frida Kahlo immortalized at the Quinta Las Acacias

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