A Driving Tour of Lake Chapala: Mexcala Island, Chapala Town, Ajijic

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Talking with José about relocation to the Guadalajara / Lake Chapala region

José talks about popular tourist destinations around Lake Chapala

Driving to Mexcala, José talks to me about Mexican food

Approaching Mexcala, talking about Lake Chapala and Mexcala Island

Showing the embarcation area in Mexcala town

The boat ride across Lake Chapala to Mexcala Island

José explains the “foco tonal” – a healing site with special energy

José shows me the officers’ quarters and the cannon-melting oven

Exploring the prison on Mexcala Island

Returning through Mexcala town after a visit to the island

Driving into the town of Chapala, an introduction

Showing Casa Braniff, the main street and the church of Chapala

View of Chapala’s waterfront and parish church

Chapala’s beautifully restored waterfront and pier

Walking to the waterfront in Ajijic, talking about retirement on Lake Chapala

A night-time stroll around the main square of Ajijic

The parish church of Ajijic

Night-time drive into Guadalajara, talking about the city of Guadalajara

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