Biking through Golden Gate Park & Our Final Dinner at Colibri’s

I checked my watch, and by this time it was after 5 pm. We knew our bicycles had to be back by 6 pm, so we had no choice but to race through the park. I figured Golden Gate Park would need to be a full-day destination for my next San Francisco trip which should allow me to explore all the features of this fine urban park in great detail. We made our way up the steep climb of Arguello Street and came down through the Presidio, a former military area that is now a beautiful wooded oasis in the city.

The sun is starting to go down


As much as we would have liked to stop and explore some of these attractions, it was now very late afternoon and we were approaching the 6 pm deadline for returning our bicycles. So we had to continue our race to get back, but on our way we simply had to stop to catch some nice sunset shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. Orange, pink and purple hues were highlighting San Francisco’s most famous landmark – an awe-inspiring view.

Sunset scene with Fort Mason in the foreground


Not surprisingly, we were a bit late returning our bikes, but the folks at Bay City Bike were very nice about it. They understood that San Francisco just has too many beautiful experiences to offer that can get travelers easily side-tracked. As an avid urban bicyclist, I have to say that our two bicycle rides in San Francisco were definitely major highlights of our entire trip. Sightseeing on a bicycle is one of the best ways to get to know a city; and San Francisco is a superb bicycling destination, with its gorgeous scenery and its extensive network of bicycle trails. A ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, as we had done a few days earlier, is simply a must to get the full experience of this city.

Our cozy nook at Colibri’s


After cleaning up, we spent our last evening at a Mexican eatery called Colibri Mexican Bistro, not far from downtown Union Square, where we got to sample a variety of authentic dishes from Central Mexico. Colibri is located next to the Hotel Diva and decorated in the style of an early 20th century cantina. Warm hues of deep orange and burgundy red adorn the walls, and solid wooden Mexican furniture creates an authentic ambience.

Sopa de Tortilla, my favourite


Our exquisite tasting included guacamole (prepared right in front of us with fresh ingredients), a “sopa de tortilla” (tortilla soup, one of my favourites), “torta de elote” (a cornmeal dish), as well as “nopales asados” (the grilled leaves of the prickly pear cactus). While I enjoyed the extensive vegetarian spread, my travel partner Leslie tasted “tacos de pescado” (tacos filled with tilapia). We both commented on the diverse range of flavours, the generous portions and the friendliness of the staff at Colibri.

Freshly made guacamole


Like every Monday, live Mexican music was starting to fill the air. Sarah Gallagher, the assistant manager, joined us briefly and informed us that for a truly Mexican experience, Colibri even features more than 350 varieties of tequila. To cap off a very tasty meal I ordered one of my Mexican favourites: “crepa de cajeta” – a scrumptious crepe with a caramel topping that is made from goat’s milk. Simply delicious!

And for dessert: crepa de cajeta


Thoroughly satisfied after a flavourful and filling dinner we took the bus back to the Queen Anne Hotel, for our final night of sleep in San Francisco, a city we had both fallen in love with in just three and a half short days. Our delicious meal tonight was a fitting end to our much too short few days in San Francisco, but the impressions that this beautiful city had left on our soul will last a lifetime….

The crew at Colibri

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