Spain Travel: Hello from Ibiza (1)

September 27, 2004, 6:05 pm

I am sitting here in the front entrance hall of the Ses Fontallas Plaza timeshare resort in Sant Antoni. We arrived on Saturday at about 5:30 in Ibiza and had to hang around for the luggage. 2 of our pieces actually didn´t make it due to a technical problem with the cargo area on the plane and we had to wait an awefully long time at the baggage information area to find out that the baggage would be delivered the next day.

Ses Fontanellas Plaza timeshare resort.

We finally checked out our rental car, a VW Polo, at Hiper-Rent-A-Car, just outside the airport. Not a bad deal for about 158 Euros a week… On the way to our resort we stopped off in a huge supermarket, we called it the “Walmart of Spain” where we picked up the basics of groceries and we then made our way to the resort in the dark.

Ses Fontanellas Plaza is a nice complex right in the tourist area of Sant Antoni and we got unit 308, a one-bedroom with partial seaview. Definitely a very nice place, with mini-kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, nice furnishings, nice bathroom with bidet (still calling it the “boot-washer” since I haven´t figured out what to do with it…;)

I am sleeping out in the living room on a comfortable trundle bed and the balcony is very roomy with a nice view out to the sea. We had a nice sleep and finally a home-made meal after all the restaurant cuisine that had started to taste a little bit the same.

Then a nice breakfast on the balcony yesterday. After waiting around for our luggage to be delivered, we finally decided just after noon to head out and we drove to Ibiza. Interesting town with a fortress on the hill. We climbed all the way up and had a beautiful view of the harbour and the south and southwest side of the island.

Ibiza in the evening – D’Alt Vila – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I took a ton of pictures and also picked up a few items from the souvenir shops. Got all my souvenir shopping done in about half an hour. The pottery is really amazing here. I wish I could pack it all up and ship it home to Toronto.

On the way down from the fortress I saw a local family, grandmother, 2 or 3 adult kids and several grandkids, in the street and thought I´d practice my people photography. From the looks the family appeared to be gipsies. I approached them very friendly in Spanish and asked if I could take some pictures.

The grandmother then got up and shot into my direction and got very aggressive and shouted at me to get lost, waving her arms. Her kids were quite okay with the idea of being photographed, but the old lady wanted no part of me taking any pictures. So much for my first foray into trying to experiment with human motifs in my career as a hobby photographer….

Oh well, after walking around a few hours we were pretty pooped and drove back to our little apartment where we made a nice little dinner, watched some Jay Leno and Conan O´Brien on the satelittle network before going to sleep.

Today we got going pretty early, we left at about 10 am. Another brilliant day with sunshine on the coast, but a few darker clouds hanging inland. We checked out 7 or 8 beaches or coves on the southwest side of the island and spent about 3.5 hours at a cove called Cala d´Hort, which had the most stunning scenery of all, a nice cove with a sandy beach, looking out to a monolithic rock that sticks out 389 m from the sea. An amazing view.

Relaxing in front of the rock.

We thought we´d have dinner there at the local restaurant but the sun drained our energy and we decided to drive by 2 more beaches and then come back to our little home away from home. One thing we noticed for sure: Ibiza is a gorgeous place…..

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