13 Insider Tips to Save Money on Travel

If you love travel as much as we do, you like to get away as often as you can to experience the excitement of new places. But there is one major obstacle: money! Travel is not inexpensive, and a passion for foreign adventures can gouge a deep hole into your  pocketbook. Here are some insider travel tips for you on how to save money when booking your next trip:

Gorgeous beach in Ibiza
Gorgeous beach in Ibiza (image by travelandtransitions)
  • Be flexible: Flexibility is one of the most important things – if not the most – if you want to make significant savings. First, be flexible regarding your travel times. Most airlines offer reduced fares to passengers willing to leave early in the morning or at night. Second, consider traveling off-season. Traveling during spring, fall and winter is less expensive than traveling during the summer season. Indeed, it enables you to get reduced airfares/cheaper accommodation AND to avoid tourist crowds.
  • Find cheap accommodation: Accommodation usually represents a big part of your travel budget. To save money on accommodation, avoid hotels and consider cheaper solutions:

–          Book a hostel: hostels are much cheaper than hotels. You may have to sleep in the same room as other people if you are booking dormitory-style accommodation. But some hostels offer private rooms as well which are often affordable but use a community bathroom. But is it really important when you think of how much money you can save? If you choose this solution, make sure to bring your earplugs (people snore!) and your padlock, as most hostels are equipped with lockers to keep your personal belongings.

–          Rent an apartment: renting an apartment or a condo is usually cheaper than staying at a hotel, especially if you are staying for a long time or traveling with other people.

–          Swap your home: if you have watched the movie “The Holiday”, you may be familiar with this concept. It is really simple. You just swap your house with other people for a short period of time and it is completely free. For further information, check out www.homeexchange.com, www.swaphouseoneline.ca or www.homeforswap.com.

–          Go camping: although not as comfy as a five-star hotel room, your tent may help you save big amounts of money. Campsite fees are usually $20/night or less. Moreover, camping is a great way to enjoy nature.

–          Consider CouchSurfing: surfing other people’s couch is an inexpensive and nice way to travel and share about your culture. For further information about CouchSurfing, check out our article https://travelandtransitions.com/blog/couch-surfing-a-cheap-and-authentic-way-to-travel/.

–          Stay with a local: websites like www.airbnb.com will put you in touch with locals who rent rooms privately. These rooms are in a private house  or apartment, and they are generally significantly less expensive than hotel rooms. The nice thing about this option is that you will be able to make local friends as well.

Toronto's Old City Hall
Toronto’s Old City Hall (image by travelandtransitions)

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