Presenting: David Brown, the Urban Tour Host, a True Expert on Miami

8.You also offer eco-tours.What unique ecological resources can one visit with the Urban Tour Host?

The subtropical climate of South Florida is unique in all of North America so the flora and fauna here is unlike anywhere else on the continent.There are many endangered species that live here including the West Indian Manatee and the Bottle-nosed Dolphin and the American Crocodile.Eco-tour sites include: Fairchild Tropical Garden,the Everglade National Park and the Miccosukee Indian Village,Biscayne (underwater-coral reef) Park and Virginia Key.We also have a tour called “The Urban Parks of Greater Miami”- most parks on this tour are located on Biscayne Bay or on the Miami River.

Papayas grown in the Roots in the City community garden

9.Some of your special tours focus on museums,festivals,architecture and many other topics.Please give us an overview of your customized tours.

All of our tours are customized as the itineraries are geared towards the specific interests of the client.Any museum or festival can be included in a tour.We have a program called “FestivalBus” where we can create a festival theme on the bus and/or take people to an actual festival.Some of the best known festivals we have here feature the Haitian,Cuban,and Bahamian Heritage.

A Haitian sculpture available at the Kalbassi House

10.What programs do you offer for the locals to discover their own city?

We have a program called “Take a Vacation in Your Own City.” We work very closely with local non-profits,after school programs,youth development programs,corporations,private schools and the public school district.We also provide tours to bring people to special events in the cultural neighborhoods.

Downtown Miami often has outdoor art exhibitions with beautiful sculptures

11.Your Miami tours are offered in several languages.What languages do you cover?

We offer tours in all languages and dialects through our company.We have a wide range of tour guides that work with us to accommodate any request for a tour in a foreign language.

The Freedom Tower,one of Miami’s most recognizeable landmarks

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