Presenting: David Brown, the Urban Tour Host, a True Expert on Miami

12.Where do your customers come from? Do you provide individual or group tours? How about regular and customized tours? From a practical point,what type of ground transportation is involved?

Our clientele is worldwide; we also have a large local tourism program.We provide tours for individuals as well as groups.Our tours are offered in the newest,state of the art transportation available. For private tours with from one to three persons,we typically use a Lincoln Town Car.For groups between four and nine,we use a luxury van such as a Sprinter- ten to twenty five person in a luxury mini coach and twenty six to sixty one,a full luxury European motor coach.

David has built many friendships in Miami’s diverse communities

13.Please tell us about some of the awards you have won and the recognition you have received for supporting Miami’s local communities.

Because of the uniqueness of our program,I think we have been interviewed by more local and global media than any other tour company in South Florida- over thirty.We have received dozens of awards mostly from local government and community-based non profit agencies.We have also presented our program at various conferences,locally,Statewide,Nationally and overseas,especially Jamaica and Haiti.

David with Martine Theodore from the Kalbassi House

14.In addition to providing a comprehensive collection of tours in and around Miami,you also created a local festival – the Miami Riverwalk Festival. Please tell us more about this unique initiative.

Yes,the festival is called the “Downtown Miami Riverwalk Festival and Boat Parade”.
The mission of the Festival is “a special multicultural event that provides an opportunity for local residents and visitors to explore and interact among local arts and culture vendors,while also showcasing the unique surroundings at the mouth of the Miami River”.

The features of this family event include: Miami’s best ethnic cuisine,arts and crafts,pageantry,strolling performers including musicians,pet friendly and “green”/ environmental vendors,informational booths as well as a children’s section with fun and educational activities,face painting,clowns,give-a-ways all along the beautiful Miami Riverwalk.
There is a boat parade with watercraft from local government agencies and other boats on the Miami River led by the U.S.Coast Guard.This November,we will produce the 4th annual event.

Views of the Miami River from the Miami Riverwalk

15.What is coming up for David Brown in 2011 and beyond?

We are looking to expand our marketing efforts to attract more visitors (both local and receptive) that desire to see “Miami Behind the Scenes.” There are many other services related to community-based tourism that we will be working on in the Greater Miami area.We are also interested in expanding our program to other U.S.cities that have cultural neighborhoods.We will also be implementing training programs in several countries in the Caribbean.

A gorgeous Haitian painting

Thank you for the interview,David,keep up your great work with the local communities and all our best wishes for your future endeavours!


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