Presenting: Vivetha Bistro – A Popular Spot Serving Ecclectic Food

Of course the owner is here every day, and since he started in late 2005 he has had precisely one day off: Christmas Eve of 2006. Restaurant ownership is certainly a very work-intensive business. Siva is particularly proud that he serves home-made breads and desserts. Only pastas and meats are purchased, the rest is made in-house.

Siva and his team at Vivetha Bistro

The menu of Vivetha Bistro features an eclectic mix some Italian dishes, pasta dishes and a variety of salad and seafood dishes. A total of 20 staff members are employed at Vivetha, and the restaurant’s 38 seats are usually fully occupied during prime-time hours. 17 people can sit outside on the patio, and Siva added that the windows in the front are opened up in the summer and allow patrons to enjoy the open air.

A friendly face behind the bar

There is not much time for recreational activities in his life, but every Sunday Siva takes his son to play hockey, and his daughter to figure skating. He also takes his children swimming on a regular basis. His wife Geetha stays at home and helps him out with payroll and accounting.

Vivetha Bistro before the evening rush

Siva has been in Toronto since 1989 and really likes the city. He adds that Toronto is a good city to live in, people are friendly and there is lots of opportunity. Siva himself has been working hard for many years, often working 60 to 70 hours a week. He explains that “when you work for yourself you have to love your job. When you’re busy you’re happy.” And he concludes “When you work hard you can make it”.

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