Presenting: Lainie Liberti – from California Digital Media Executive to Globetrotting Mom on the Road

15.How has this experience affected the relationship between you and your son so far?

“We have spend close every moment of it together (with some exceptions of course) and as you can imagine,our relationship has grown stronger.The single most important aspect to this,has been our ability to laugh together.The games,sayings and interactions between us have become an important part of the journey.” ~Lainie Liberti.

We started off having a fantastic relationship,close beyond most typical parent child relationships.Our relationship has clearly strengthened for sure,but not sure if that is by virtue of traveling solely.We do at times encounter issues surrounding boundaries.For example,in addition to being Miro’s mom (and dad),sometimes he treats me like a kid-friend saying things that just aren’t appropriate to say to his mom.We talk about it when it comes up and it’s not serious,but things like this are bound to come up with our unique lifestyle where there is a lack of interaction with other children.

Also other issues arise as at times when I wish to do adult things,like share time with other adults.I think these are typical issues any single parent will encounter,not specific to the living on the road.

Adolescence is just around the corner too for Miro so it will be interesting to see how that effects not only our relationship but how we travel.Will keep you posted.

16.You mention that your son is being “radically unschooled”.What do you mean by that?

Lainie & Miro are “unschooling”.In fact they have discovered there’s a movement and a name to describe exactly what they are doing.It’s called Radically Unschooling.The philosophy behind unschooling is that children will learn what they need to know when they are ready and want to learn it and this flows through every other aspect of life.

But there are exceptions,of course,but I’ve seen games spark Miro’s interest in mythology,quantum physics,history and culture.We’ve had an open platform to discuss humanity,violence,and choices because of video games.I’ve also seen Miro’s research skills improve as the Internet and Google are second nature to him.I didn’t like going to the library when I was his age to research because it was so overwhelming..what a drastic change for this generation.

Lainie & Miro swimming in The Five Sisters,Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve,Belize

17.You mention that you are in the present in the moment.

When I was pregnant I read Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now,and from that moment I have embraced the practice of being in the moment.My exploration of the concept has taught me to trust my intuition,follow inspiration and allow life to happen without resisting what “is”.
Being present is the practice of all of those things and traveling has allowed me to experience these aspects my daily.

What a complete and total gift.

18.What are some of the most significant learning experiences and spiritual insights you have derived from your new life?

Traveling has allowed me to experience trust,fully and openly.I trust we’ll be fine in the world.I trust that we are on path.I trust this is the best experience for my son.I trust only wonderful experiences will come into our lives.I trust that things always fall into place and we’ll meet the right people and find the perfect circumstances.I trust the universe and I can’t think of a better way to raise Miro.

Lainie & Miro in Granada,Nicaragua


Lainie,you have a fascinating story that will inspire many of us to look at our day-to-day life choices and consider other,more unusual life paths.We wish you the very best for your travels,and please keep us updated on what’s happening to you and Miro in your global life journey.


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