Scenic Belfountain & a Pond-side Dinner at the Millcroft Inn

Always curious, I stopped in at the former Belfountain Village Store, built in 1888, which is now called the Tammeron Centres for Wellbeing. Owner Tammeron Karaim explained that her mission is to provide education about Mother Nature’s Medicine. She runs a self-development company that focuses on well-being by providing better nutrition and self-esteem coaching.

Tammeron Karaim shows some of her organic dishes

We went on a tour of her store and had a look at a wide variety of healthy, natural and raw foods: from quinoa chili, to zucchini hummus, mango dip, raw pizza made with sunflower seeds, zucchini noodles and many other healthy choices, the emphasis here is on raw foods that are still alive. Tammeron also teaches her clients on how to use herbs and how to create some of these fresh, uncooked dishes at home. The enzymes in these foods aid digestion and all the dishes are uncooked, unprocessed and organic.

The Belfountain Village Church, since 1835

It was now early evening and the sun was steadily moving lower on the horizon. I decided to make my way back to the Millcroft Inn for a nice relaxing evening. Rather than sitting inside in the attractive dining room, I decided to stay outside, on the west-facing terrace to enjoy the sunset over the Mill Pond. The only thing I heard was the singing of the birds and the rushing water of the waterfall. The evening sun had created just the perfect temperature for a nice dinner outdoors.

A serene dinner next to the Mill Pond at the Millcroft Inn

The Millcroft Inn is renowned for its cuisine and Executive Chef Roberto Fracchioni had already given me a tour of his kitchen earlier today. I knew that only high-quality local ingredients were going to be part of my dinner. I started off with delicious freshly baked breads with various types of herbed butter. The amuse-bouche consisted of sundried tomatoes, pesto and garlic purée on a brioche ball with candied orange zest and was absolutely delicious.

The amuse-bouche was a great start to a nice dinner

After teasing my tastebuds like this, I continued with a delicious sweet potato soup and a squash risotto that thoroughly enchanted my (mostly) vegetarian tastebuds. The crowning touch to this exquisite meal was a watermelon and rosewater sorbet that provided just a touch of sweetness to end this very enjoyable meal.

A sweet touch to end a pleasant meal

The sun had now sunk behind the Mill Pond and I was getting tired from a long day of explorations. I retreated to my comfortable room at the Manor House and was pondering what Day 2 of my adventures in the Hills of Headwaters area would hold.

Ready to retreat to my cozy room at the Manor House at the Millcroft Inn

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