Bicycling Adventures in the Mountains of Guanajuato

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The San Renovato Dam that was recently flooded

Getting picked up by Gerardo and Sujei for my bicycling adventure

Mountains of Guanajuato – driving towards Parque Xumu

Showing the crazy rocky ride to Parque Xumu

Gerardo explains Parque Xumu just before our bike ride

Cycling up the mountain at Parque Xumu

Gerardo does a high jump

Mountain bike jumps at Parque Xumu

Gerardo jumps and misses the 2nd jump – too many leaves

Gerardo does jumps at Parque Xumu

Gerardo makes a great jump

Nice jump by Gerardo

Gerardo makes three jumps in a row

Unknown ruins at Parque Xumu

Gerardo Diaz shows me the spring and the rock for rappelling

Picnic at Las Palomas in the mountains of Guanajuato

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