Exploring Lake Pátzcuaro – Tzintzuntzan, Janitzio and the town of Pátzcuaro

Walking to the ferry dock to get to the island of Janitzio, people enjoy picnics here

Crossing Lake Pátzcuaro to get to the island of Janitzio

More views from the boatride to Janitzio

Approaching the island of Janitizio in Lake Pátzcuaro

Getting ready to dock at the Island of Janitzio

Walking up the steep, colourful walkways on the island of Janitzio

Reaching the top of the Island of Janitzio, approaching the huge statue of José Maria Morelos

Views from inside the gigantic statue of José Maria Morelos in Janitzio

The vending area at the foot of the José Maria Morelos statue in Janitzio

A look at the main square in Pátzcuaro

The outdoor market in Pátzcuaro in front of the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud

The former Dominican monastery of Pátzcuaro

A gold leaf artist shows her intricate work in the Casa de los Once Patios

A night-time look at the Cathedral and the Plaza de Armas from the rooftop of the Hotel Catedral

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