A Train Trip to Orvieto, an Ancient Hill Town

My train to Rome arrived and I found another interesting conversation partner. A woman in her early thirties from Dublin, a lawyer for a local clothing manufacturer, had just spent a weekend in Italy to attend a friend’s wedding. She indicated that she travels to different parts of Europe almost every month. Recently she had visited Marrakech, the coming weekend she was going to spend in Paris, and was planning to go to Norway soon to meet another friend.

One of the many atmospheric streets in Orvieto

Listening to her I was getting a bit envious of how easy and affordable it is to travel inside Europe. With a home base in Canada, the restricted holiday time that North Americans get and the added cost of Transatlantic travel, city-hopping like that is a whole lot harder for Canadians and Americans. But in reality, I couldn’t really complain, because my three week trip around Europe had taken me to some pretty phenomenal places in Spain, Austria and Italy.

What a great view of Umbria…

Back in Rome, after a brief rest in the early evening, I headed out for a nice evening stroll. I took the subway to the Piazza del Popolo, a huge square that used to be the location of public executions until 1826. The piazza is crowned by an Egyptian obelisk of Ramesses II.

The Piazza del Popolo at sunset

From here I walked through the busy shopping street Via del Corso to the Spanish Steps where I ate a nice pasta dinner in a little restaurant. Then I picked up an ice cream next to the Trevi Fountain and took the bus back to the Termini Railway Station, from where it was only a few minutes to my bed and breakfast.

A peek at the Spanish Steps

My last day in Europe was over. Tomorrow I would only have a few more hours in Rome before I had to get to Roma Fiumicino airport and fly back to Toronto. I had had a fabulous time in Europe, from my first week in Asturias in the north of Spain, to my three days in Salamance and Madrid with a side trip to Segovia, to a few days in Austria, visiting my home country. And of course, let’s not forget four action-packed days in Rome that I will never forget.

Arrivederci Europa….

People congregate in front of the Trevi Fountain

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