Winter Images – High Park & the Beaches, Starring the Leuty Lifeguard Station

Well, all throughout January we had above average temperatures. Now it’s mid February and winter has arrived. For the last few days we have officially had a “winter weather warning” which, among other things, alerts homeless people to come in from the cold and seek refuge in indoor shelters. So that means it’s pretty cold out there.

Inspired by my experiences last weekend in Ottawa I decided to venture out on this freezing winter day and try to go skating again. I tried to sort of replicate the wonderful outdoor skating experience that I had a week ago on the Rideau Canal.

Metal sculpture with the Grenadier Cafe in the background

I called my buddy Gary and we planned to go skating on Grenadier Pond in High Park. When we got there we realized that maybe we were not going to skate there after all. There were “No Skating, No Access” signs everywhere, and half the pond didn’t seem to be very frozen at all. There was one lonely skater out there, but for the sake of safety we decided to give this skating adventure a pass.

We made the best of it and did a nice brisk winter walk all through High Park and had a nice drink at the Grenadier Cafe and Restaurant. Then we headed off in separate directions and I did get another 30 minutes of outdoor skating in at the Kew Gardens Rink in the Beaches.

A frozen Maple Leaf in front of Grenadier Pond

After I put my street boots back on I went for a little photographic hunt and the Leuty Lifeguard Station is always a welcome motif for a hobby photographer like me. Even during the winter Toronto can offer some pretty photogenic spots…..

A half frozen pond

Reminds me of a wheatfield in the summer

”A lonely bench & “No skating, no access”

“Warm & cold”

The lovely children’s adventure playground in High Park

The Leuty Lifeguard Station

Frozen shoreline

Boarded up and closed for the winter

Ominous clouds hang over the city

Little action on the boardwalk

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