Travel Guide to Mont Tremblant and the Laurentian Mountains

The Laurentian Mountains, a renowned Canadian holiday destination, are located in Southern Quebec, north of the St. Lawrence River and east of the Ottawa River. The highest summit reaches 875 meters (2871 feet). The Laurentian Mountains also extend to the northern border of the United States. As one of the main peaks of the Laurentian Mountains, Mont Tremblant features one of the most extraordinary ski destinations in Canada: the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort. With its breath-taking landscapes and various outdoor activities all year round, Mont Tremblant and its nature park attract large numbers of more visitors every year.

A gorgeous view from Mont Tremblant
A gorgeous view from Mont Tremblant

The spectacular Mont Tremblant National Park is a 1,510 km2 provincial park, the second largest national park in Quebec, Canada.  It is home to many rare species of birds, such as the red-headed woodpecker and the golden-winged warbler. In addition, the region features beautiful crystal-clear lakes that are surrounded by the green mountain range. The wonderful wild flowers add to this beautiful and majestic scenery. This amazing national park entices thousands of visitors all year round and offers a variety of summer and winter activities to explore these breath-taking mountains and lakes.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, viewed from a helicopter
Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, viewed from a helicopter

Summer and Fall Activities at Mont Tremblant:

  • Canoeing: If you like canoeing or kayaking, the Parc national du Mont-Tremblant is a paradise featuring 6 great rivers and 400 lakes and streams. Roaming on the river, you can admire the rich amalgam of Quebec’s natural and historic heritages. Paddle at your own pace, enjoy the vast stretches of water and discover the diversity of the wilderness of Mont-Tremblant wilderness.
  • Discover the unique Via Ferrata trail: The Via Ferrata du Diable, located in Mont Tremblant National Park, is a cliffside-path you can hike along, all clipped safely into a steel cable. You will safely pass through the beams, cross various types of bridges and two footpaths while moving along the rockface. Being 200 meters up in the air, you will enjoy great views over the gleaming Rivière du Diable and the mountains.
  • Hiking in the mountains: One of the most popular activities in Mont Tremblant National Park is hiking. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, you can find an appropriate trial in the vast trail network. Travelers can hike on three different circuits, which last between 3 and 5 days, and sleep in huts and rustic shelters.
  • Cycling: There are 7 cycling circuits that stretch over 700 kilometers in the National Park. The cycling routes, whose difficulty level varies from easy to intermediate, are a nice way to discover the gorgeous landscapes. Some trails are pleasant, easy and perfectly suitable for family biking trips, while others are more difficult and offer cycling enthusiasts plenty of challenges. You can rent bicycles at certain locations, from about CAD$ 10/hour. If you want to bike in the Mont Tremblant region, you have to get a membership pass (daily, 3-day, 7-day, seasonal pass) from the Club de vélo Mont-Tremblant, which is a non-profit organization that keeps the biking trails in good conditions. You should also know that downhill mountain biking is strictly forbidden on Mont Tremblant. The Club de vélo Mont-Tremblant organizes weekly group outings to give their members an opportunity for safe biking trips.
  • Fishing: Starting on May 13 every year, the fishing season in Mont Tremblant National Park allows visitors to fish in the vast and numerous lakes. The most common species are speckled trout and northern pike.
  • The Laurentian Mountains rank among the best destinations for enjoying the fall colours. This region is consistently rated among the top 10 Canadian regions for fall foliage, primarily due to the ample quantity of sugar maples, yellow birches and American beeches. The peak of the fall colour season is mid to late September, and the Mont Tremblant Resort hosts the Tremblant Symphony of Colours which includes a series of concerts and special events.
Ziplining is one of the many activities available at Mont Tremblant
Ziplining is one of the many activities available at Mont Tremblant


Winter Activities in Mont-Tremblant:

  • Skiing: Known for its abundant snow cover, Mont Tremblant is Eastern Canada’s most well-known ski resort. In the winter season, the mountain receives on average 380 cm (12.47feet) of snow. The resort features 95 trails and 3 snow parks and offers skiing enthusiasts thrilling runs. Trail difficulty ranges from easy to difficult and offers something for every type of skier. The resort also includes facilities such as warming huts that are heated with a wood stove. Mont Tremblant is the perfect skiing holiday destination.
  • Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing: The resort features over 48 kilometers of trails spreading over 2 sectors in the Mont Tremblant National Park, including family-friendly trails. The Laurentian Mountains in general offer great opportunities for cross-country skiing, especially along the Le P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park and inside the National Park of Mont Tremblant. Le Domaine St-Bernard is another great cross-country area with trails for all levels and equipment rentals.
  • Snow hiking: Being a hiking fan does not mean you have to stop practicing your leisure just because the winter is coming. There are also a few winters hiking trails in the park that you can enjoy during your stay in Mont Tremblant.
  • Snow mobiling: The Laurentian Mountains have about 2,650 km of trails for snowmobiling that connect with Quebec’s extensive snowmobile trails network. The Laurentian region is the number 1 snowmobile destination in Quebec and offers many outfitters and forest lodges.
The pedestrian village at the foot of Mont Tremblant
The pedestrian village at the foot of Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant – Places to visit:

  • Mont Tremblant Ski Resort: Created in the early 1990s by Canadian resort development company Intrawest, this pedestrian slope-side village, located right at the foot of Mont Tremblant, is definitely worth a visit. This picturesque village, whose architecture was inspired by traditional Quebec building styles, features numerous restaurants, pubs, hotels, condos and activities in the most convenient mountain location: it is therefore the ideal place for your Mont Tremblant accommodation. Make sure to take the free Cabriolet, a cableway which takes you from the bottom to the top of the village and offers great views over the village.
  • Lake Tremblant is located at the bottom of Mont Tremblant and offers great opportunities for water sports and narrated sightseeing cruises aboard “Le Grand Manitou” during the summer months.
  • The old village of Mont Tremblant is located on Lac Mercier, a few kilometres away from the ski slopes. It is home to a number of restaurants, cafés and galleries, many of which are located in heritage buildings.
  • St. Jovite, located 10 kilometers south of the old village of Mont Tremblant, is the largest town close to Mont Tremblant. You can ride a bus from the old village of Mont Tremblant to St. Jovite. The bus fare is very inexpensive and you will reach St. Jovite within half hour.  St. Jovite is also a great place if you want to go shopping for groceries.
  • TheP’tit Train du Nord”: This 230-kilometer multi-purpose trail, which stretches from Bois-des- Filion to Mont-Laurier, is the longest linear park in Canada and the heart of the Laurentian region. Along the trail, you will discover the natural features of the Laurentian Mountains, passing through magnificent villages and serene dazzling forest. You can bicycle in the summer, in-line skate in the fall and spring, and of course cross-country ski during winter time. The trail features small restaurants, cafes and picnic spots along its way, as well as equipment rental.
View of Lac Mercier, from the P'tit Train du Nord trail
View of Lac Mercier, from the P’tit Train du Nord trail

Mont Tremblant is a beautiful region which offers outdoor sport activities all year round, as well as breath-taking landscapes. Whether you want to experience activities or just relax, Mont Tremblant will definitely seduce you.

For more information please visit the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort’s website.
Regional information is available at Laurentian Tourism.
For travel information about Quebec please consult Quebec tourism.
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