Presenting: Elderhostel – Adventure and Learning for People 55+

Learning and exploring is one of the big mottos of this website and learning vacations are one of the best ways of expanding one’s mind.

A very well-known organization dedicated to helping people broaden their horizons is Elderhostel, a non-profit organization that offers learning vacations for people 55 years of age and older.

I had a chance to talk with Adam Hurtubise from Elderhostel to get more information about this interesting organization.

1. Please tell us about Elderhostel, what type of organization is it?

Elderhostel is the world’s largest not-for-profit educational travel organization for older adults. Our Elderhostelers are 55 and older, and our newest initiative, Road Scholar, is a not-for-profit educational travel organization for adults of all ages.

2. Who founded Elderhostel? Since when has it been around and how has it grown over the years?

Elderhostel was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 1975 by two collaborators—Marty Knowlton, a world traveling, free spirited, social activist and former educator, and David Bianco, a highly organized university administrator. Over the years, Elderhostel has responded to its rapid growth by developing innovative approaches to lifelong learning.

3. Please give us a general overview of your education programs. What is the concept of these programs, how long are they, what type of activities and accommodation are included?

Our programs all share four unique attributes: educational excellence, comfortable accommodations and delicious meals, extraordinary value, and the warm camaraderie of fellow Elderhostelers. Programs range in length from one day to several weeks and include accommodations, meals, lectures, field trips, excursions, program-related activities and gratuities.

4. Please describe your Traditional Programs to us.

Traditional Programs are based on Elderhostel’s earliest educational adventures and accommodate a range of schedules by varying length—from as few as three, to as many as twelve nights – and include our original three-course format, single-study theme weeks, and double-focus programs. Traditional Programs continue to balance dynamic classroom experiences with enriching hands-on learning opportunities.

5. What are the “Exploring North America” programs?

Exploring North America programs, in the United States and Canada, offer a collection of engaging study themes and on-the-move itineraries. This selection includes programs with different themes including: American Landscapes, American Heritage, Cultural Arts, National Parks, Houses and Gardens, Food and Wine, and Signature Cities.

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