Presenting: Elderhostel – Adventure and Learning for People 55+

6. Please talk to us about your International Programs in more than 90 countries. What are they?

Elderhostel offers thousands of international programs each year. Some exciting upcoming programs are taking place in Central and South America, China and Japan , and in the United Kingdom.

7. You also have an “Active Outdoor Program”. Please tell us more.

Exploring some of the world’s most beautiful and exciting environments, Active Outdoor programs exercise both mind and body. These programs combine the educational depth of Elderhostel’s traditional programs with the exhilaration of biking, hiking, canoeing, skiing, sailing, and more.

9. What are the “Service Programs?”

Like all Elderhostel programs, you’ll learn about the region and local culture, and meet extraordinary people. With Service programs, you’ll make a direct, hands-on contribution to projects that positively impact the world around us, and our understanding of our place in that world. While a few programs require certain skills, most do not. Elderhostel provides the training and guidance you need to carry out the tasks at hand. For example, we are offering a Service Learning Program in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and the University of South Alabama where participants work side-by-side with professional staff to rebuild Gulf Coast homes lost or damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

10. Please tell us about your “Adventures Afloat Programs”.

These exciting, educational programs traverse the world’s waterways, offering a unique perspective, an invigorating experience, and an incredible travel value. They take place aboard cruise ships and river barges in both popular and hard to reach areas around the world.

11. What are your Intergenerational Programs?

Elderhostel Intergenerational Programs are designed for adults to share an Elderhostel experience with their grandchildren or young relatives. We receive overwhelmingly positive comments about their experiences on these programs. Some of our most popular include programs in Greece, France and Italy, and our Harry Potter-themed programs in the UK continue to have heavy demand.

12. What are the Day of Discovery Programs?

Days of Discovery are community-based one-day programs we offer in collaboration with local institutions to highlight a special exhibit, event, topic. We’ve offered a groundbreaking program throughout the United States, for instance, called “Building Bridges to Islam.” One of our upcoming Days of Discovery is “Blue and Red: Exploring America’s Political Divide.” It’s a brand new program and we’re very excited about it.

13. You also offer some other special programs, such as Snapshots and Weekenders, Train Treks, Holidays & Festivals, National Parks, Creative Workshops etc. Please tell us about these.

Snapshots and Weekenders are three-to-five day adventures, whereas most of our other programs are a bit longer. As with our standard offerings for U.S. programs, short programs and weekenders offer engaging educational content, discussion, activities and hands-on learning.

Train Treks include accommodations and meals both aboard the train and in hotels at designated stops along the route – this varies, depending on the nature of the program.

14. What are some of the comments of people who have gone on one of your learning experiences? How do these experiences change their lives?

We often hear comments from people about what a unique way Elderhostel is to travel and learn, and about the interesting people they meet on the programs One participant says, “Elderhostel’s ‘safety net’ of knowledge and experience has opened doors that otherwise might have, regrettably remained closed. Thank you for making it possible for us to go our into the world and enjoy the learning and adventures waiting there!”

Thank you, Adam, for giving us an overview of Elderhostel’s programs and activities. There is obviously lots to explore out there for people 55 and over.

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