Savannah, Georgia: River Street, Tybee Island, City Market, Trolley Tours and Other Attractions

As the first state capital of Georgia, Savannah attracts millions of visitors each year. The city’s architecture and historic buildings make it an interesting place to discover.

Boasting one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States, Savannah is home to many squares, scenic waterways, forts and historic sites. Beautiful mansions, notable buildings, and diverse restaurants enchant countless visitors every year.

Oak Alley Plantation
Oak Alley Plantation in Savannah (image by Alaskan Dude)

This popular destination is not only well-known for its beauty and its perfect weather but also for its renowned southern hospitality.

A map of Savannah shows that this stunning city is located near the U.S. Intracoastal Waterway in the southern United States. The city is the most important port on the Savannah River and the largest port in all of Georgia.

The weather in Savannah is characterized by long hot and humid summers, with temperatures reaching freezing only a few times in the winter. Precipitation falls from June to September and hurricane season in Savannah lasts from June to November, so the best period to visit Savannah would be the fall and the spring.

Spanish moss
Spanish moss covers many Savannah trees (image by designatednaphour)


River Street

This popular cobblestoned street is located along the south bank of the Savannah River and full of gift shops and local restaurants. It is one of the most popular hangouts in the city. The Savannah River also offers excursions with tour boats, yachts, tugs and ocean-going vessels.

Tybee Island

This beautiful island welcomes tourists from the whole world all year long. As one of the most popular vacation spots, it is home to the famous Tybee Island Light Station and the amazing Fort Screven Historic District. Tybee Island is also the location of Fort Pulaski, a charming and large public park that contains walking paths, a children’s play area, ravishing gardens, an attractive fountain and even tennis and basketball courts… Come and relax on the sandy beaches of Tybee Island.

Sunset on Tybee Island
Sunset on Tybee Island (image by kappuru)

Historic Squares

Among the city’s unique features are its 22 public squares. Starting in 1733, the city was laid out in a grid pattern that was connected by squares. The initial four squares include Johnson Square, Wright Square, Ellis and Telfair Square, and their original purpose was for military exercises.  Many more of these public spaces were built over the 1700s and 1800s with the last one, Whitefield Square, being constructed in 1851. During history, these squares were used for communal activities, such as baking bread, gathering water, or celebrations; they were even used as stock yards. Many of the squares are surrounded by beautiful historic architecture and feature fountains and sculptures of important historic personalities.

Ellis Square
Ellis Square (image by jacqueline.poggi)


Trolley Tour

If you are going to Savannah, you should not miss the Trolley Tour. Considered as one of the most efficient methods for sight-seeing in this city, this tour will allow you to experience the stunning natural beauty of this city, its magnificent architecture, its interesting history and warm southern hospitality. With its 15 stops, you will be able to enjoy the quaint country squares of this charming city and many areas of historic interest. Come and experience this unique opportunity.

City Market

Located in the northwest corner of the Historic District, City Market is a central market full of antiques, souvenirs, small eateries and beautiful outdoor plazas. This area used to be Savannah’s social and commercial gathering spot but now it is a destination for entertainment and dining.  City Market welcomes guests of all ages who enjoy its lively  ambiance through its numerous restaurants, pubs, unique shops, museums and galleries. Its dynamic night-life also attracts a lot of tourists.

Savannah's Williams-Schutt House
Savannah’s Williams-Schutt House (image by brent_nashville)


Ghost Tour

Spend a frightfully good time discovering dark tales and feel the presence of unseen spirits wandering the streets and squares of Savannah. This spooky adventure in America’s Most Haunted City has become a popular tourist attraction. You will hear stories of murderers, ghosts, ghouls and many other mysterious phenomena. A Bonaventure Cemetery Tour is also available; it offers a wonderful view of the river in a mysterious atmosphere.


Riverboat – Walking Tours

To discover Georgia’s fourth-largest city, you have many great options, such as on a horse and carriage, on a riverboat ride or even a dolphin tour during which you can relax and enjoy all the treasures of this historical city. Walking and biking are also pleasant ways to explore this interesting city.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (image by bradspry)


Museums and Art

Culture, history and arts’ lovers will not be disappointed as this gorgeous city is home to numerous museums and art galleries. The SCAD Museum of Art, for example, is a contemporary art and design museum housed in a Greek Revival building constructed in 1856. In Savannah, you can also find talented artists and artisans, who create fine art, music, dance, paintings, sculpture, pottery, theater, photographs and film.



Renowned for its legendary nightlife, Savannah will allow you to enjoy live music, sip tasty cocktails in luxurious lounges and dance all night long in its numerous clubs… River Street and City Market are the main vibrant nightlife areas of this colorful city. Thus, don’t miss to celebrate with family, friends, or even to plan a romantic evening in Savannah.

River Street
River Street (image by chrisq38)

The elegance, charm, excitement, hospitality and history of the beautiful city of Savannah will not leave you indifferent. Savannah is a perfect family-friendly and romantic vacation destination with its many areas of historic interest and magnificent architecture and majestic squares.

Lafayette Square
Lafayette Square (image by faungg)


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