The Millcroft Inn – A Perfect Country Getaway

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An introduction to the Millcroft Inn, a historic converted woolen mill

Visiting Room 304 in the Main Mill at the Millcroft Inn

A tour through the River Room and a close-up look at the waterfall

Steve shows me the fountain that has been rediscovered

Steve and I have a look at the outdoor wedding chapel

We have a look at one of the Crofts, the loft-style townhouses

A tour of the rec room at the Millcroft Inn

A tour through the 9000 square foot spa

The Millcroft Labyrinth is a healing garden

A chat with Executive Chef Roberto Fracchioni and a tour of the kitchen


We have a look at a 60 litre vat of soup stock

Executive Chef Roberto Fracchioni shows me the kitchen garden

Riding up to the Pinnacle in the golf cart with Chef Roberto

The Pinnacle, a scenic lookout spot at the Millcroft Inn

Sandra, the gardener, tells us about all the great landscaping at the Millcroft Inn

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