Exploring the Colonial City of Morelia and Cathedral Fireworks

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A view of the gorgeous Plaza de Armas of Morelia, just after my arrival


Starting the double-decker bus ride from the Cathedral in Morelia


Riding the double-decker bus through the main street of Morelia, Calle Francisco I. Madero


More gorgeous street views of Morelia from the double-decker bus


A view of some of the pink cantera stone colonial houses from our bus tour


View from the top of the double-decker bus of some of Morelia’s beautiful streets


A peek at the carnival festivities and Morelia’s aqueduct from the double-decker bus


The José Maria Morelos Square and the gorgeous former Monastery of San Diego


The stunning Sanctuary of Guadelupe – Mexican Baroque at its best


A view over the José Maria Morelos square and the Aqueduct of Morelia


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