Exploring the Colonial City of Morelia and Cathedral Fireworks

Rodrigo tells me the history of Morelia on the double-decker bus


Huge carnival celebrations in Morelia – the streets are packed!


A “torito de petate” – typical of the Carnival festivities in Morelia


Carnival celebrations – the Goddess of Pulque and other carnival figurines


Rodrigo introduces the Candy Museum of Morelia in a room with 19th century photos


A miniature display of an ate producing candy factory


An explanation of candy-making machinery inside the Candy Museum of Morelia


Guadelupe shows me chocolates and cakes inside the Museo del Dulce


Traditional toys, masks and dolls in the giftshop of the Candy Museum


The former Dominican Nuns’ Convent – Las Monjas


Las Rosas – a beautiful square in downtown Morelia with a park and nice restaurants


Driving south past Morelia’s Municipal Building


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