Exploring the Colonial City of Morelia and Cathedral Fireworks

Driving up on a mountain south of Morelia towards a lookout point


Awesome view over the city from the Hotel Villa Montaña


Rodrigo shows me the beginning of the aqueduct of Morelia


Showing my room at the Hotel Catedral


Amazing view from the rooftop of the Hotel Catedral with wedding celebrations going on


Lots of evening carnival action on the Plaza de Armas de Morelia


A clown performs for an enthusiastic crowd on the Plaza de Armas


A night-time walk through Morelia’s pedestrian zone mass is finished at San Agustín


Downtown Morelia is beautifully illuminated, earning it the nickname “La Ciudad Iluminada”


Beautiful illuminated church and square in Morelia – the Templo de San Francisco


Gorgeous illuminated square with a fountain, a park and the Templo de San José


Showing off my dinner spot El Atrio right in front of the Cathedral


The crowd is waiting with eager anticipation for the fireworks


Countdown for the multimedia show before the fireworks


Multimedia show before the fireworks


Finally – the fireworks are launched from the Cathedral of Morelia


The fireworks are going off from the Cathedral of Morelia


The finale of the fireworks


The beautifully illuminated Cathedral of Morelia after the fireworks


View of the beautiful interior courtyard at the Hotel Catedral

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