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14.   You offer the Buenos Aires Ultimate Tour – a great way to discover the whole city.

This tour is called the Ultimate because it’s designed for people who want to see the most of Buenos Aires all in one day. The bicycle makes it possible to get to know the heartbeat of the city in one day. This is a combination of our Parks & Plaza and Heart of the City tour with some additional stops.  It’s a good, long day of riding that will quite honestly leave you a bit knackered at the end but with the satisfaction of experiencing so much in one day. It has been a popular tour for all types of travelers and even those who live here. If you truly want to experience BA with all 5 senses and really know what this city is all about in one day, this is the tour for you.

Famous Calle Florida
Famous Calle Florida

15.   One of the unique tours you offer is the Graffiti Tour. Please provide us with more information.

We teamed up with non-profit organization Graffitimundo, an incredible organization that does a brilliant job representing the street art/artists of Buenos Aires. They represent the artists with integrity and really do a great job opening the doors of street art and graffiti to people from all over the world. It had been one of our desires to create a graffiti tour on our bikes for a long time but we didn’t know where to begin. We contacted Graffitimundo because they’re the experts and haven’t looked back since. These tours go every Sunday and we’ve been very fortunate working with them as it has proven to be one of the better business decisions we’ve made.  Definitely check out this tour on your next trip to BA!

Images from our Graffiti Tour
Images from our Graffiti Tour

16.   Do you also offer private tours?

We do! Private tours just cost $25 extra for the group, not per person. For private tours, anything goes. The tour can last as long as you’d like and it’s customized to your personal interests.

17.   Is lunch or any kind of refreshment included in the tour?

Water and yerba mate (traditional tea) are included on all of our tours.  The Heart of the City and Ultimate City tours both include lunch at our favorite parrilla (barbecue spot) in Buenos Aires, Parrilla Mi Sueño. The bondiola is so good that many people from our tours have gone back to this spot in the days after the tours to eat it again. Words don’t do it justice, if you want to try real Argentine street food, join us on one of these tours and let the bondiola put a smile on your face and leave you satisfecho!

Cycling to the Ecological Reserve & a stop for a Bondiola sandwich
Cycling to the Ecological Reserve & a stop for a Bondiola sandwich

18.   You are able to offer tours in multiple languages. Please tell us more about that.

It’s a requirement that all of our guides be bilingual (English and Spanish). Fortunately we have guides that are well-versed in other languages (French, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese and Afrikaans). Did we mention how great our guides are?  They’re the face of Biking BA and they do an incredible job showing people this city in whatever language people want it communicated to them.  We offer the tours in all other languages (aside from Spanish and English) as private tours.

The Belgrano district features the Statue of Liberty & the Chrysler Building
The Belgrano district features the Statue of Liberty & the Chrysler Building

19.   Please comment on the weather in Buenos Aires throughout the year. Are tours cancelled in case of rain?

Buenos Aires has a healthy mix of rain and shine. For the rainy days, we provide rain ponchos. The tour will only be suspended or postponed due to rain if there is lighting or it is a torrential downpour and poses too dangerous to ride.

20.   You have been recommended by quite a few organizations. Please tell us about that.

We’ve been fortunate to meet many great people along the way who are travel journalists or work for publications such as Lonely Planet, Timeout Buenos Aires, etc.  We invite them to ride with us and let the bikes, our guides and this beautiful city do the rest and they most often have a great time and share it with others. Our passion for making the bicycle the preferred mode of transportation and showing people that this city is much better by bike often yields recommendations from our friends. Honestly, if you get to see Buenos Aires on 2 wheels it would be hard for you to not recommend the experience, that’s the beauty of biking in BA.

The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires
The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires

21.   What’s in store for 2012 for Robin, Will and Biking Buenos Aires?

Besides continuously improving our existing tours, we are looking forward to adding a few more theme tours to explore other areas of interest that Buenos Aires is known for. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s up our sleeve…

Thanks, Robin and Will, for taking the time to tell us about your venture and the bicycling opportunities in Buenos Aires. I am already curious to hear more about your new initiatives for next year. Do stay in touch and let us know what’s in store for you in the coming year.


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