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In this section we have compiled a series of useful articles for you that will help you with the practical aspects of travel. You will find advice on budget travel, travel safety, travel photography, disabled travel, language study travel, and much more.

As part of my Niagara Travel Guide project I drove into the Niagara Region again. on February 16, 2015. It was Family Day, a public holiday in Ontario, and another great occasion to make another… Read more.

In part 1 of this article series we explored popular snowbird destinations on the East coast of the United States. Let’s now have a look at opportunities for spending at least part of the winter… Read more.

When you are a Canadian of a certain age, or a resident of the US Northeast, Midwest or Pacific Northwest, you have probably experienced record-setting snowfalls and cold spells over the last few years. As… Read more.

My explorations of the Clarington travel region on August 3, 2012 continued with a visit to Tyrone Mills, a saw mill and flour mill that has been in continuous operation since 1846. Even today, the… Read more.

A Hilton Head beach walk is without a doubt one of the most popular things to do in Hilton Head. Golf in Hilton Head, tennis, shopping and dining are also big draws.

Skiing and winter sports are wonderful activities, but winter holidays can end up being very costly. It takes some research to put together cheap skiing holidays, so to help you here are 8 insider tips on how to travel on the cheap when you are heading for the slopes.

The mystique of train travel has fascinated people since the dawn of the industrial age. From the smoke-belching steam locomotives of the 1800s to the utilitarian diesel and electric locomotives of the 20th century to… Read more.

Mexico is a country that has long fascinated me, particularly its colonial heartland. I have travelled there several times and am taken in every time by its natural beauty, amazing architecture, fascinating history and the… Read more.

You probably know by now that one of my personal passions is languages.I truly love the mental challenge of learning foreign languages and I think even a tiny amount of local language knowledge makes a… Read more.

A few weeks ago,around my husband’s birthday,we were thinking of taking off for a quick package-deal week in the sun.We never got to go because I was too busy at work,but we started looking into… Read more.

We all hear the term “global warming” all the time. During recent months I have started to read travel stories how the permanent ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro is melting,how ski resorts in the Alps… Read more.

How to become a concerned traveler,not just a tourist.. Servas travelers are warmly welcomed in more than 15,000 homes throughout the world. You know by now that one of my underlying goals for this web… Read more.

It was a beautiful evening for a stroll tonight,so I went down to one of my favourite places: Toronto’s waterfront.Listening to the melee of languages,observing the broad mixture of people,I was thinking about upcoming travel… Read more.

Non-mainstream forms of travel have fascinated me for a long time. Combine that with affordable travel and the possibility to make the travel experience a full-time lifestyle,and I am intrigued even more. In researching the… Read more.

As so many times before,this website continues to create contacts with so many interesting individuals.This morning I received an email from a person in Santa Cruz,California,who had come across my website and wanted to contribute… Read more.

This is the second in a series that will review the Rolling Rains Travel & Disability Links collection at Suite 101.This piece examines the category of links here in the Travel & Disability section,”Rights of… Read more.

“Vacation” is a magic word.Use it in a conversation and people are likely to momentarily spirit off to their private bit of paradise; disappear to somewhere that exists between fantasy and the world-as-we-know-it.But even Harry… Read more.

By Scott Paul Rains, Travel and Disability Editor In a previous article,”Multi-Sensory Travel Specialists – Outta Sight Travel,” Jackie Hull recounted the history of Outta Sight Travel.Here she focuses on travel with a guide dog…. Read more.

I have been experimenting for a while now with travel photography, and every time I go away I take hundreds of pictures.The most I ever took on a trip were 900+ pictures on my trip… Read more.

One of the topics that I am fascinated with is the cross-cultural adjustment process.As an Austrian immigrant in Canada I know that even a move from a Western European country like Austria to a modern… Read more.

You can imagine,as a travel writer who does a lot of walking,skating,skiing,mountain-biking,camping etc.,the right equipment in terms of luggage,clothing and footwear becomes an important element in my toolkit.I am one of those people who’s constantly… Read more.

Learning and exploring is one of the big mottos of this website and learning vacations are one of the best ways of expanding one’s mind. A very well-known organization dedicated to helping people broaden their… Read more.

As I complete most of my travel assignments on a strict budget, it’s imperative for me to find creative ways to save money on transportation, accommodation and all other travel-related expenses. I am currently working… Read more.

Those of you who have seen the movie The Holiday are probably already familiar with the concept. But for those who have never heard of it, let us just explain what exactly is home swapping… Read more.

If you love travel as much as we do, you like to get away as often as you can to experience the excitement of new places. But there is one major obstacle: money! Travel is… Read more.

Looking for an original and cheap way to travel the world? Then, CouchSurfing might just be the solution you have been searching for. But what exactly is CouchSurfing? CouchSurfing is a non-profit hospitality exchange network… Read more.

Part I of this article already provided you with special money-saving tips for flights, local transportation, accommodation and food. Here are a few more special tips for you that will save you even more money… Read more.

Every year, spring is the time when I love try to travel to Europe. Number one I need to see family back home at least once a year, and number two,  around April the weather… Read more.

When it comes to long distance travel, people tend to think of air transportation first. However, train travel can be a nice option that should not be overlooked, even in a huge country like Canada…. Read more.

Being able to speak a foreign language opens many doors when travelling abroad. Even being able to speak just a few words in a foreign language – phrases like hello, please and thank you – will generally give you a much more welcoming reception among the locals.

I am always on the lookout for innovative, unconventional, and first and foremost, cost-saving ways to travel. I recently came across the concept of “caretaking”, i.e. looking after other people’s (often beautiful) properties and estates,… Read more.

Virtually all my favourite travel spots in the world combine mountains and water and Vancouver just has it all. Located on the edge of the Pacific, surrounded by the Coastal Mountain Range, Vancouver is a… Read more.

Non-mainstream forms of travel have fascinated me for a long time. Combine that with affordable travel and the possibility to make the travel experience a full-time lifestyle, and I am intrigued even more. In researching… Read more.

I always keep my eyes open for interesting people, and Krista Scott just absolutely grabbed my attention. I first met Krista 2 days ago on a whitewater kayaking weekend where she accompanied our group to… Read more.